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Style Coaching

Thank goodness we found each other! And just in time. I can help you bring your fab-factor to the surface. And I bet it's gonna be way cheaper and way easier than you think!

You are way cooler & more stylish than you think. But if you're anything like me, you need help to take your super power to the next level.

It's a workshop but we have so much fun, it actually feels more like a party. Twice a year a bunch of us hang out and chat about season trends, dressing for special events, finding the perfect styles for your shape, mixing prints, and oodles more.

Step #3 - A Chic Technique Workshop

These 3 Style Secrets will literally change the way you look at your closet, the way you shop, and what you buy (or more importantly - don't buy). I'm not being hyperbolic when I say, they will change your life!


This is quite possibly the most helpful style tip on the planet! Even better? I'm giving it away for FREE! I know! It's bonkers!

Step #1 - The Key To Putting Together Separates

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"Hi, Angela. It's Silvia from Toronto. I love this video and your tips. I always have difficulties when pairing my outfits. Now I know why - it's because of the proportions."

Silvia C.

"I LOVE your videos! My girls watch them with me. My 12-year-old came downstairs last week asking me if she got the 70/30 split right on her outfit. I always had trouble explaining what shirts should be tucked vs not, and now she can figure it out on her own, which is so empowering for her! 

Rebecca P.

"I will never again compare my body to a piece of fruit. Instead, I dress to emphasize my favorite feature, which I love. I have learned so much in a short time! You have given me and my closet a new life! Angela, you are my angel! Thank You."


"I absolutely love working with Angela. She has a fun, no-nonsense approach and a heart of gold. I left every appointment feeling inspired and encouraged. Angela has helped me find the fabulous under (what I always felt were) the flaws."


"Besides for how quickly I now get ready in the morning, I no longer spend time wandering around the mall or waste precious hours searching online for clothes. I'm intentional about what I'm looking for and what I buy. Such a time and money saver!"


"I am enjoying your take on how to dress for our body shape. After delivering my baby, my body was unrecognizable to me. That was 27 years ago, and I'm still struggling to look the best I can. You have opened up my eyes. I can apply everything you have taught me, and I realize now that I already have clothes in my closet that I can put together and look really good. I am looking forward to learning more!! "


"Through Angela's style coaching, I have learned to love my body, and I have never felt more confident in my own skin. Since working with her, I wake up and feel amazing knowing I will look and feel my best all day long. Thank you, Angela!"


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— ME, always

For everyone new to Our Style Addiction. Get comfy with my proven steps and start on the road to loving your closet.


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These 3 Style Secrets will literally change the way you look at your closet, the way you shop, and what you buy (or more importantly - don't buy). I'm not being hyperbolic when I say, they will change your life!

Do you like instant gratification? Yeah! Me too.

Top 3 Savvy Style Secrets.

You Are Ready To Take Your Closet To The Next Level & Never Again Say, I Have Nothing To Wear.



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Offered twice a year to prep your closet for the upcoming season. You, me, and a savvy group of like minded women put together the perfect seasonal wardrobe for you. 
Included live instruction and a super fun Q & A. 
For best results, attend live and bring a cocktail. This season's course has already begun, however you can join the waiting list and be alerted when the next session opens up.

Our Signature Course, (What We Call The Mack-Daddy) is A Chic Technique. 

You like personalized attention and want a specific roadmap on how to turn your clothes into a wardrobe you love.



If this is your first time working with a style coach, book a free consultation to find out more.

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