Not Much For Crowds?
I Get It!

Or maybe you need help putting together your closet and can't wait for the next session of Curate Your Closet.
Or you have a wedding coming up and want to 'wow' everyone you see. 
Whatever the case may be, we offer one-on one virtual coaching sessions.

Private coaching

At work. At home. Everywhere we go. You spend too much money on clothes & too much time wearing clothes, not to show the world how fabulous you are.
Let's change that.

In the real world the way we look matters. 

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How It Works

Hundreds of clients later - I KNOW HOW TO HELP.

Honestly, it still makes me cringe. And while I'm a suck-it-up and move-on kind of girl, I can truthfully say, that it was horrible. Horrible for my self esteem and that lack of confidence effected everything else.
But that's exactly why (once I figured it out) I wanted to help women look good, feel great, and walk out the door knowing they can conquer the world. And definitely this thing called life.

I Had The Longest Awkward Phase In The History Of The Universe.

i can help because i've been there

- carol

“So many aha moments! I began adjusting my clothing choices after the very first lesson to focus on my favorite body part and dressing to emphasize it.”

Need 10 minutes to put together an outfit for a wedding, reunion, or other special event? I can do that?
Want to put together your packing/shopping list for that tour of Europe your man surprised you with? I can do that too.
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