From finding your perfect pants, to knowing where to shop, and the styles that will flatter your shape best, this style library will answer all your Petite style questions.

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Researchers (aka super smart university types) say strangers decide 11 things about us in the first 7 seconds after they meet us.
Let’s make sure those impressions send the message you want so the world understands how fantastic you really are.

The 7-11 Rule

(No overcooked hotdogs or slushies here.)

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Taking a pile of pants into the dressing room only to leave an hour later. 
Hot. Sweaty. And empty-handed.
If you’d like to know how to pick:
Pants that don’t need to be altered.
Pants that make your butt look great.
Pants that aren’t too tight in the hips and thighs.
And pants that wouldn’t even dare to create that dreaded muffin top.

Have you shopped for pants lately? It can be so frustrating.

Your Perfect Petite Pants

Lies The Fashion Industry Tells Petites

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Inside this workshop, we’ll debunk the misinformation the fashion industry has fed us for years. And replace it with facts on how to shop and where to find clothes that actually fits Petites.

So you’re short.
But are you Petite?
And how do you know?

Shortcut To Style

Have you ever Googled, how to dress for your body shape?
Then, you know 1,330,000,000 articles pop up. (For real!)
And less than .0000001% of those articles are written by a Petite for a Petite.
Inside Shortcut to Style, you’ll understand the specific styles that both flatter your Petite height and body shape. 

Great Style Starts With Knowing How To Dress To Flatter Your Shape. BTW, You Are Not An Apple, Pear, Or Banana.

"Instead, I dress to emphasize my favorite feature, which I love. I have learned so much in a short time! You have given me and my closet a new life! Angela, you are my angel! Thank You."

— Tish

I will never again compare my body to a piece of fruit.

"...I really just need a list of what to buy."
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