Petite Style Tips - Top 5 Do's & Don'ts


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Petite Style Tips - Top 5 Do's & Don'ts


FREE! Petite Style Tips - The Top 5 Do's & Don'ts

Being petite is awesome. However, it does come with some unique style challenges.

The first solution? Dressing to not look shorter. Because when we look shorter, we often look wider. And that... we definitely want to avoid. These quick, easy tips will have you leaving the house looking great and feeling confident.

  • How to create the illusion of length
  • Your best prints and patterns
  • Your most flattering jewelry
  • Your best neckline
  • The length you should avoid like the plague!
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Top 5 Petite Style Tips


Angela Foster Founder Our Style Addiction

Another day. And once again you're standing in the closet in your bra and panties wondering, how is this frickin' possible? You spend a ton of money on clothes, yet nothing is right. You don't love anything hanging in front of you. Half of it doesn't fit and flatter your body shape. And the other half? The only emotion they inspire is 'meh'.

Sound familiar? I bet. Because that used to be me.

But after nearly 20 years as an executive in the fashion and beauty industry, I learned what it takes to put together a wardrobe you love & one that loves you back. Even better news? It is soooo much easier than you think.

And the very best news? You & I found each other. 'Cause my superpower is coaching women on how to look amazing, put together a closet they love, and have the confidence to take on the world. Or in this case, life.

I am so excited to go on this style journey with you.

We're going to have so much fun!

Petite Style Tips - Top 5 Do's & Don'ts

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Angela Foster - Petite Style Coach