Petite? And Think Shopping Is A Huge Hassle?

Is Finding Petite Pants a Pain in the Butt?

Everything You Try On Is Too Long? 
Too Big?
Or Not Flattering?
Then, This 20-Minute Style Workshop Is For You! 

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Nothing Ever Fits. 
I Have To Get Everything Altered.
I Buy A Ton Of Clothes, Have A Closet Packed With Clothes, Yet Still Have Nothing To Wear!
I'm Curvy & Petite. It's Impossible To Find Comfortable, Flattering Clothes.
I Just Want Getting Dressed To Be Fast & Easy.

Does This Sound Familiar?

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You Can Solve All Those Problems By Knowing Two Things...

* How To Dress To Fit Your Height  
(Despite What They Say... Being Short Doesn't Mean Petite Clothes Are Right For You.
* Where To Find Clothes That Fit (Without Being Altered)  

The Good News?

that's an easy fix


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Powerhouse Petites Workshop

20 Minutes from now you can be one step closer to getting dressed being fast & easy!

Know at a glance when an item is worth trying on. And when you need to keep walking. 
(Or scrolling past.)
Learn the secrets to shopping online so you'll never have to return garments again. (Sounds dreamy, right!)

No longer waste money on items that need to be tailored.
Instead, you'll know where & how to find items that actually fit. (No cutting required.)
Dare I Say It? You'll enjoy shopping again. (Or maybe for the first time ever.)  

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Plus, I no longer waste time wandering around the mall or hours
searching online for clothes. I'm intentional about what I look for & what I buy. Such a time and money saver!

— Deanna

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Hi Sunshine!
I'm Angela

Being Petite is awesome! However, we do face unique style struggles that our taller sisters don’t. Not knowing what those challenges are or how to deal with them can lead to a closet
that’s best described as a piping hot mess.
The exciting part? You are not alone. And the solution is easier and faster than you probably think. Even more exciting?  You and I found each other.
After 20 years as an executive in the fashion and beauty industry and over 4 years as a Style Coach, I’ve helped hundreds of Petite women put together a wardrobe they love. Tired of struggling and ready to get your closet in shape once and for all?

Then you are in the right place.
Welcome to the Petite Style Revolution.

After you've locked down your Perfect Petite Pant formula, the next step is knowing where to find them.
Sunshine, we've got you covered. As a special free bonus, you'll receive the Best Petite Boutiques. An extensive list of the best brands and stores for Petite fashion. Broken down by
Casual, Career, and Curvy. With easy click-to-shop links.
Finding pants that fit your height and flatter your body shape has never been easier!

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