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Being Petite is awesome.
But we do face some unique style challenges that our taller sisters don't.
Well, great news!
You're in the perfect place!
Because helping women 5'4" and under dress for their height and to flatter their body shape is my superpower.
BTW, it's faster, more fun, and easier than you probably think.

I'm Angela, Your Petite Style Coach.

Hi Sunshine!



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I wanted to call it, Read This Before You Even Think About Leaving The House, but my team thought that was too dramatic?!? Whatever. 
Anyways... grab this FREE cheat sheet and learn the top 5 style tips every Petite woman needs to know.

Free: Top 5 Petite Do's & Don'ts

Step 1: start Here

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Have you shopped for pants lately? It can be so frustrating. Taking a pile of pants into the dressing room only to leave an hour later. 
Hot. Sweaty. And empty-handed.
If you’d like to know how to pick:
Pants that don’t need to be altered.
Pants that make your butt look great.
Pants that aren’t too tight in the hips and thighs.
And pants that wouldn’t even dare to create that dreaded muffin top.

The Perfect
Petite Pants

Step 2 - Then Do This

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Knowing how to dress for your Petite size can be a huge struggle. But not for you. Not once you grab your FREE Virtual One-On-One Petite Closet Audit.
Together we'll...
• Create a crystal-clear vision on how to achieve a closet filled with clothes that look great, fit your shape, and make getting dressed in the morning fast and easy.
• Uncover hidden challenges that may have you settling for ‘good enough’, wasting money on clothes you don’t like and don’t leave you feeling confident.
• Leave the session renewed, re-energized, and inspired to create a wardrobe that has you excited to get up and get dressed every single morning.

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Step 3: and the fun just doesn't stop

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"I will never again compare my body to a piece of fruit. Instead, I dress to emphasize my favorite feature, which I love. I have learned so much in a short time! You have given me and my closet a new life! Angela, you are my angel! Thank You."


"I absolutely love working with Angela. She has a fun, no-nonsense approach and a heart of gold. I left every appointment feeling inspired and encouraged. Angela has helped me find the fabulous under (what I always felt were) the flaws."


"I no longer spend time wandering around the mall or waste precious hours searching online for clothes. I'm intentional about what I'm looking for and what I buy. Such a time and money saver!"


"After delivering my baby, my body was unrecognizable to me. You have opened up my eyes. I can apply everything you have taught me, and I realize I already have clothes in my closet that I can put together and look really good."


"Through Angela's style coaching, I have learned to love my body, and I have never felt more confident in my own skin. Since working with her, I wake up and feel amazing knowing I will look and feel my best all day long. Thank you, Angela!"


word On the street:

I’m Angela. High-achieving Petite women hire me to put together a closet full of clothes they love to wear.

In case you’re curious about how I became a Petite Style Coach…

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Despite the rumors, not all women love to shop.
In fact, tons of Petite women hate looking for clothes. 
Hate going into a normal store and wasting time trying on crap that doesn't fit.
And let's not mention how frustrating it is to drop tons of money on an item, only to have to take it to the tailor and spend more money just so that it fits.
Well, struggle no more, Sunshine!
Grab this list - The Best Petite Boutiques and discover all the best places to find casual, career, and curvy Petite fashion.
Fashion that actually fits your height.
I know! Crazy pants, right.

Yes! I want it.

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