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Family, Friends, And Oh, Crap! It’s Time To Take A Picture

December 2, 2022

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December can be the best month of the year!

Spending time with fantastic friends, fabulous family (aside from angry Aunt Jane), lots of festive food, and oodles of fun.

And now it’s time to snap a quick pic so years from now, you can look back on the moment and smile.

But looking great in photos isn’t easy, even for supermodels.

There’s a reason photographers take a thousand shots to get just one good one.

But before you dodge the camera or run screaming from the person waving their phone around, try these easy tips.

Avoid The Dreaded Double Chin

After, ‘My Eyes Were Closed!’ This is the single biggest reason pictures are deleted before ever seeing the light of day.

And here are a few quick ways to avoid the dreaded double or triple chin.

Channel your inner ballerina…

* Relax your shoulders

* Stretch your neck up (as if someone is pulling the top of your head towards the ceiling)

* Push your chin forward toward the camera

Want More?

Press the top of your tongue against the back of your front teeth.

Not only will you look super confident, but those double chins will be a thing of the past.

Say Goodbye To Looking Stiff And Uncomfortable

The last tip just posed you to within an inch of your life. Now, look relaxed. (Insert eye roll emoji.)

But it is possible. Simply swing your body (including your arms) back and forth a few times to loosen up your body before posing. And don’t forget to breathe.

They’ll Think You Had Work Done

If you look older in pictures, it’s not you.

It’s bad lighting.

The most flattering is natural light, and you want to face it. (So the picture snapper’s back will be towards the window.)

Bright overhead lighting should be avoided at all costs!

It causes shadows and is solely responsible for giving us that haggard look.

Also, don’t hesitate to take charge of where the picture is taken. Everyone in the shot will thank you.

Look Heavier Than You Are?

This happens because photos are two-dimensional and flatten our image, making us look wider. To counteract that, we need to work the angles.

You’ve seen celebrities fall into this pose effortlessly on the red-carpet countless times.

* Stand at a 45-degree angle to the camera

* Twist your shoulders to the front

* Put all your weight on your back leg

This will make your waist appear slimmer and your legs look longer.

Petites are especially susceptible to this one. So, encourage the photographer to capture you (and whoever else is in the picture) from head to toe.

Well, that was easy, right!

Speaking of your waist

Whatever you wear, make sure it’s tailored and on the structured side. An oversized outfit might feel comfortable, but it won’t flatter in photos.

Tips For Petites To Look Better In Pictures

Tips For Sitting:

Another pose where posture is everything. Avoid leaning against the chair’s back. Instead, aim for arching your back. It may feel exaggerated in real life but will look amazing in pics.

If your legs are included in the shot (which is best for Petites) twist them to the side.

If possible, avoid straight-on – full-frontal will make us look shorter.

Full Frontal (No, Not That Kind of Full Frontal)

Whether sitting or standing, the most flattering pictures include your body from head to toe. And it’s always a smart move to ask the tallest person in the room to take the picture. Shooting from above will make everyone in the photo look taller and thinner.

Make-Up Tips:

Just like photos flatten our figure, they also flatten our face. So if you know you’re going to be photographed, plan ahead. Highlighting and contouring our cheekbones and jawline will make our face look thinner. Also, avoid sunscreen as that can reflect the flash and make your skin look pasty and lighter than the rest of you.

Control The Focus:

Just like we talk about accentuating your favorite feature when dressing for your body shape, we want to draw attention to your favorite feature in photos.

* If you love your legs, wear heels.

* If you have an itty-bitty waist, pick a bold belt.

* Or if your bust is bonkers, wear a V-neck top, and make sure to add a sparkly statement necklace.

The Happy Factor

Without question, this is the most important tip… let your happiness shine through. The above hacks aside, the prettiest girls are the happiest ones.

Practice Makes Perfect

We hate doing things we’re not good at. But like playing the cello, with a bit of practice, you can learn to take great-looking pictures. So next time someone picks up their phone, instead of running into the other room, choose one of the above tips, and practice your new supermodel pose.

And with that, have a most joyous December. And make sure to capture all those warm memories with a picture. Years from now, you’ll look back and be oh-so glad you did.

‘Til next week, big holiday hugs coming at you.

Tips For Petite Women To Look Better Pictures

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