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Five Fab Products for Happy Feet

July 2, 2019

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On a scale from 1-5…

One being – Yikes! Even my nail tech looks scared!

And five being – I’m going to research and see if being a toe model is a thing.

How ready are we for sandal season???

While writing this, I realized a couple of things…

I only notice other peoples’ feet when they’re gnarly. Which curiously enough always coincides with my own feet being in desperate need of some love.

So, then I wondered, is my goal to simply have no one ever notice my feet???

That’s frustrating. Why go to all this work just to hope no one notices.

Then I decided to look at foot maintenance like deodorant. Something I have to do, so people don’t use my name and the Walking Dead in the same sentence.

With that in mind, we should make maintenance as entertaining as possible.

And that’s how the list below was created – find where you fall on the foot Richter scale for your perfect pedi-solution.

Top Five Products For Happy Feet - #1 Bosnia Baby Soft Foot Peel

Let’s start with #1 – AKA – Damn girl! You do know there is a nail salon on every corner, right?

Boscia’s Baby Soft Foot Peel

Available at Sephora – $20

I have a love/hate relationship with this one. If you’ve ever used Baby Feet, you’ll know what I’m talking about as this is super similar.

The box contains one pair of plastic booties which have some kind of supersonic acid formula inside.

You’re supposed to soak first (which I never do), tape them on, and wear them for an hour.

They say not to walk around, but I always have to pee ten minutes in, so slip socks on over the top, otherwise, the squishy thing is weird.

After an hour, you rinse off the magical juice, and nothing happens. (Except your polish has melted into a strange formation.)

Nothing happens for days. Then, just about the time you’ve forgotten all about it, you start molting like a snake.

I’m not being dramatic.

Huge strips start peeling off. Even worse, it’s like bubble wrap. I get this compulsive desire to keep pulling it off, pulling it off, pulling it off. (See ‘compulsive’ above.)

The shedding goes on for days. So many days that YOU ARE OVER IT. Like please, please stop.

But then one morning the sun comes out, you’re done sloughing, and your feet are like a newborn.

You are so happy you did it because your feet haven’t been this pretty since before you started to walk.

Best Five Foot Care Products - #2 Mr. Pumice Callus Terminator

Onto #2 – We’ll call this – Yeah, my feet are sketchy, but I don’t have a week to peel.

Callus Terminator (Sounds Badass Right.)

Available at Sally’s – $8.99

I love this one because it’s a quick and easy (5 minute) version of the Baby Soft Foot Peel from above.

Glob it on (make sure to wash your hands after), hang out for a bit, then buff off the nastiness with a foot file or pumice stone.

Careful cause your feet are a slippery afterward, but super duper soft.

Other than that, easy peasy.

Best Five Products for Pretty Feet- #3 Lush Volcano Foot Mask

#3 – Meh Feet – Small children aren’t scared, but no way am I inviting anyone to nibble on them.

Lush’s Volcano Foot Mask

Available at – $13.95

A couple interesting things about this… after you slather it on they recommend you wrap your feet in plastic. I used zip-lock bags (cause I’m lazy like that) and some kind of crazy vaporization process takes place because the bags started to fog up with condensation?!!? Odd, right.

After 10 minutes you rub it off – rub because there’s fine-grained pumice in the mask to exfoliate.

This mask smells amazing, and the light fragrance lingers just long enough to not be irritating.

I follow this one up with one of the creams below. Despite what they say, it doesn’t hydrate on its own.

Best Five Products for Happy Feet- #4 Bliss Aloe Leaf and Peppermint Foot Cream and #5 L'Occitane Intensive Foot Balm

#4 – Slightly rough. I mean, I do work for a living.

Bliss’s Aloe Leaf & Peppermint Foot Cream

Available at Ulta – $10

I love this stuff!

It must contain a gob of AHA’s because I slather it on as thick as frosting, sleep with socks, and when I wake up in the morning, my feet feel and look freshly pedicured.

#5 – I’m ready for my foot photo.

L’Occitane’s Intensive Foot Balm

Available at L’Occitane – $36

You’re probably familiar with their original version, but they’ve come out with a new-ish one that has even more Shea Butter – 25%.

This cream is perfect when you simply need to maintain and stave off dry, rough skin.

Those are my favorite. What are yours?

Share in the comments section or if you love one of the ones we talked about, let’s dish.

‘Til next week.

Hugs and happy shopping.

Missed last week’s style update? No worries – click here.

Best five foot care products Boscia Foot Peel Lush Volcano Foot Mask L'Occitane Shea Butter Foot Cream Bliss Peppermint Foot Cream Mr. Pumice Foot Exfoliator

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  1. Carol says:

    Love- Love-Love #4!!!
    A dear friend introduced me to this product a d now i always have at least two tubes in my house- never want to be without!

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