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How To Achieve Your Best Brows

April 24, 2019

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Eyebrow trends change as often as hem lengths.
So, imagine my horror last week when I realized I’d been doing my eyebrows the exact same way, using the exact same products for the last six years.

Gadzooks, Batman!

Without further ado, I booked an appointment at the nearest Benefit Brow Bar.

I’d never been but figured I’d use the same theory I use when trying a new Mexican Restaurant. If they call themselves Chips & Salsa they likely rock the pico.

I’m calling it good Karma (although it was probably dumb luck) that my appointment was with Cierra. In a word, she is flippin’ awesome! And from here on out I think we should refer to her as The Brow Guru.

I’m not sure if it’s a Benefit best practice or just something Cierra does, but she drew in my brow shape prior to waxing to make sure we were on the same page. Talk about taking the stress out of seeing a new stylist for the first time!

Mid-rip I asked about new brow trends and here’s what she had to say…

The Contoured Brow.

What the heck does that mean?

Yeah! I’m so glad you asked because I did too.

  • A straighter, longer shape.
  • Fuller and more natural.
  • Fluffier in front with a ‘mildly’ groomed tail.

Yikes! That’s a lot.

Cierra must’ve correctly interpreted the confusion on my face because she immediately followed that up with, ‘Your brows are unique. Don’t get hung up on trends you don’t like or don’t fit your face or suit your brows.’

See, that’s why she’s so fab.

Use these two products to achieve your best brows

The only two products you need!

However, if you want to give the Contoured Brow a shot, Benefit just came out with a four-in-one Brow Contour Pen that has everything you need to achieve the look. It has a fun retro feel and reminds me of those blue pens we used to buy with all the different ink colors.

If you decide instead to simply up-level the brows you have created over years of tweezing, waxing, and threading, here are a few tips.

Location – Location – Location

Like real estate, ninety percent of great brows is where you put them.

This graphic:

is one of my favorites. Most of us have seen #1-#3, but #4 changed my life.  

Color Conundrum

One of my questions for Cierra was how do I pick a color? Perfect match? Darker? Lighter?

A common answer is for blondes to go a shade darker and brunettes to go a shade lighter.

Cierra expanded that and said the more contrast the more dramatic the effect will be.

So once again, it comes down to what you feel comfortable with and what effect you want to achieve.

Random thought alert – Drama is dressier. So, depending on your daytime gig you may go for a more natural effect from 9-5 and then ramp it up for girls or date night.


If your brows are perfect, stop reading. Otherwise, what’s your problem?

I asked Cierra what concerns she hears most from her clients and here are her top complaints; short, sparse, thin (aka over-tweezed), unruly, and no-arch.

If you’re like me your next question is which products does she recommend?
Here are her favs and a couple of pro-tips she shared.

Powders: Great for extending short, filling in sparse brows, or to draw an arch for flatter brows.
Result = Natural

Gels: Perfect for unruly and sparse brows
Result = Natural

  • Sparse Brow Pro-Tip – Comb brows against the growth pattern, let dry and then comb them back down for added volume

Thick Pencils: Ideal for short, thin, and no-arch brows

Results = Natural

  • Pencil Pro-Tip – Use short hair-like strokes for best effect.

Want more drama?
Swap out your tool for one of the below…

Natural          Vs.         Dramatic

Powder                         Pomade

Gel                                 Wax

Thick Pencil                 Skinny Pencil

  • Pro-Tip – For a more permanent fix for short, sparse, or thin brows try a hair growth treatment. Cierra recommended the Benefit Brow Conditioning Primer or try RevitaLash (my go-to for lashes and brows).
Achieve Your Best Brows Revitalash Benefit Bobbi Brown MAC and Anastasia

My current brow product assortment

There are two other secrets Cierra shared that I’ve been trying out and am obsessed with!

#1– No matter what your tool of choice; powder, pencil, or pomade, use two different colors. A lighter one from the front to the arch and a darker shade from the arch to the tail. This adds dimension and polish.

#2 – After your masterpiece(s) are complete use concealer to clean up the top line above your brows.

The Brow Contour Pen I mentioned earlier comes with everything you need for the last two tips. Even better? The colors are pre-selected for you so no guesswork.

Wow! That was a lot of info!
My thought… pick one tip or product that sounds super fun and solves a problem and start there. A small tweak can make you feel amazing.

Trust me, it’ll be worth it.
After all, what else has the power to shave off 10 years and costs less than $30?

‘Til next week.
Hugs and Happy Shopping.

Miss last week’s style update? No worries! Click here for the details.

Benefit Brow Bar Achieve Your Best Brows

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