I’m Infatuated With Anthony Wang (And You Will Be Too)

February 5, 2020

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You know those puppies that are so ugly they’re cute?

Then you take the little furball home and fall into insta-love. He’s the smartest, most adorable, charming dog on the planet. You can’t imagine life without him and are absolutely compelled to post a thousand pictures of him eating your underwear on Instagram?

That’s exactly what happened with me (minus the panty eating part) with these Anthony Wang platform sandals.

I went back to Amazon no less than 20 times before clicking add-to-cart.

I couldn’t decide if they were hideous and I’d never wear them. Or if they were the coolest shoes I’d ever seen and needed a pair in every color combo.

I finally split the difference and ordered them in black, thinking they’d get a smidge of wear no matter how gruesome they were in real life.

Circling back to the puppy analogy – when these platform sandals arrived, I fell into insta-love.

Now, if you’re thinking sandals in February? This girl is a whack-a-doodle. Possibly. But AW does have closed-toed versions which you can check out here.

Anthony Wang Daily Hustle Platform Sandals

Why You’ll Love Them:

#1 – The ‘It’ Shoe of The Season

If you’ve cruised through Bloomingdale’s lately, you’ll have noticed their shoe department has been overrun with gobs and gobs of thick, platform sneakers/sandals. Platform sandals are clearly a shoe that girls who love seasonal trends will add to their wardrobe this spring.

#2 – The Downside To Being The ‘It’ Shoe of The Season

Because they’re so popular, everyone is (or will be shortly) strutting around in a pair. So, while Anthony Wang has a cult following, he’s not a household name (yet). So there’s less fear of running into your shoe twin while buying champagne at Total Wine.

And without a doubt his styles are the most fun. His irreverence, joy, and love of unique textiles and color combinations are smile-inducing.

#3 – Blah-To-Mod

Do you have a dress in your closet that you like but can look frumpy and boring if not styled correctly?

I’m pretty sure we all do. And that’s where a pair of platform sandals come to the rescue. They immediately and easily ramp up the cool factor of whatever you pair them with.

#4 – From Mini to Maxi

Platform sneakers/sandals go beautifully with any dress length. In the last week alone, I’ve paired these with an above-the-knee empire-waisted dress from Zara for work and a maxi-length t-shirt dress from Bloomies for a casual weekend look. And they worked great with both.

But wait, there’s more.

#5 – Friday Feet

You may call it something else, but the pain is the same.

By the end of the week, the mere thought of shoving my feet into a pair of heels makes me want to steal one of those scooters from the grocery store and cruise around on it all day.

No theft necessary when these funky sandals live in your closet. They are light as air and as comfortable as a pair of fuzzy socks. And honestly, how often do we get to say that about shoes this cool??? I’m thinking never.

#6 – They’re How Much?!?

Bonkers! They’re cheap enough to collect them all. (Especially the sparkly white beauties on the link above.)

Check Anthony Wang out and let me know what you think. An immediate add-to-cart? Or are you infatuated with another brand and style? Share away sunshine.

No matter which you choose, you’ll have happy feet and give your stand-by dress an injection of Spring cool.

‘Til Next Week.

Hugs and happy shopping.

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Make sure to swing by next week when we’re going to chat about the Must-Have Color For Spring!

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Anthony Wang Daily Hustle Platform Sandals

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