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Three Tips For Finding a Handbag You’ll Love

April 24, 2019

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Death of a Backpack

I tried to deny it, but a couple of weeks ago I finally had to admit that my beloved Rebecca Minkoff backpack was dying or at least too tired looking to ever leave the house again.

Let the Hunt Begin

As much as I love to shop, shopping is only fun if you’re not desperate or looking for something specific. Needless to say, searching for the perfect replacement turned into an activity nearly as much fun as a dental appointment. No offense Dr. Kitt.

I won’t kill you with the details, but suffice it to say I bought several bags, took them home only to return them the very next day because they were all wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Time for Professional Help

My girlfriend Apryl is amazing. Cute. Fun. Super sweet. Super stylish.
And a professional personal shopper.
I asked for her advice and yowza! She had a ton of oh-so-helpful tips for us.

Finding The Perfect Handbag Marc Jacobs The Box Shopper Bag Cece Dress

Three Main Styles – Three Very Different Purposes

Apryl broke handbags down into three categories; the work tote, the weekender, and the everyday.
She didn’t say but I got the feeling she believes we should own at least one of each.

Work Totes

Work totes are work totes. Bottom line… keep it flexible and go with black, brown, or tan.

The Weekender

Apryl is a big fan of crossbody bags for your days off, travel, and vacation. Never a fan I asked why and here’s what Apryl said…

  • Your hands are free.
  • Attached to your body, you’re never at risk of leaving it behind.  
  • Even the smallest ones fit everything you need for a grocery store run; phone, lipstick, ID, and credit card.

She actually had on a little Michael Kors number with a detachable shoulder strap turning it from a crossbody into a wallet.

Brilliant! Consider my mind changed.

Apryl’s Pro Tip – Because crossbodies are typically super affordable pick one in the season’s must-have color. She suggested orange, yellow, or denim for Spring.

Tips to Finding The Perfect Handbag Marc Jacobs The Box Shopper Bag

The Everyday Bag

Now, I have girlfriends who change their handbags daily according to their outfit. That’s not me. I live in the land of ‘find the perfect bag & use it every day’.

If you’re like me, here are Apryl’s suggestions for finding the perfect Everyday Bag…

Tip #1 – Go Big

Buy bigger than you think you’re going to need. Anything smaller will only frustrate you when life happens.
You can guess my next question, “Is there such a thing as too big?”
Apryl says… smaller than your work tote.
Sounds easy enough, right?

Tip #2 – Structured or Slouchy

Pick a style that fits your personality. If you’re like me and adore organization look for a structured bag that has a plethora of inside pockets and dividers. This will ensure each of your essentials has a home and is always easy to find.

If you’re the easy-breezy type, then search out a soft slouchy boho bag. Toss everything inside and head out to the Farmers’ Market or Music Fest.

Tip #3 – Versatility

The last tip is versatility and Apryl said it so well I’m going to quote her, “If possible, find a bag with a strap taking it from satchel to shoulder and back again. This will expand how you use the bag increasing value and decreasing pay-per-use.”

Using Apryl’s tips I pulled the trigger on this Marc Jacobs boxy beauty and love love love it!

If I had to sum it up (and I do since we’re nearing the end of this post) I’d say, handbags are everywhere, but finding the perfect one requires knowing your needs and not settling for less.

Thoughts? Have your own fab tips? Share away. We’d love to hear them.

‘Til next week.
Hugs and happy shopping.

Miss last week’s style update? No worries! Click here for all the details.

Finding the perfect handbag Marc Jacobs The Box Shopper Bag

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  1. Eyeing this MJ bag in red now! Love these tips; if I were to add anything, it would be to buy a bag for the lifestyle you live, not the one you want to live. So many times I’ve fallen in love with evening clutches but then backed away because I know I wouldn’t use one much. A crossbody I can dress up or down or an oversized wristlet is much more practical for my wardrobe and lifestyle.

    • Angela says:

      Hi Alexandra! You said so many smart things! Totally agree on the clutch thing – I have a closet full that I use once a year max.
      BTW – Bet the red is fab! Let me know what you decide. Hugs!

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