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Why I’m White Dress Obsessed This Spring

May 21, 2019

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In the past (aka two weeks ago):

White dresses and magnifying mirrors were enough to strike terror in my heart. The latter is self-explanatory. (If not, wait a few birthdays.)

The reasons for the white dress phobia are too numerous to mention; Starbuck’s drive-through induced coffee dribbles, ink marks that mysteriously appear even when I haven’t held a pen all day, and finally happy hour red wine and pizza sauce stains – even though I drink white and was eating a salad.

Fast forward to today:

All that was forgotten and frankly seemed trivial when I spotted these two little white beauties.

(To see the latest versions click on the link below.)

I’ve worn them each a couple of times and am now willing to make the bold suggestion that your new white dress will become the most versatile, most worn, and favorite item in your closet this spring.

Yep, it’s time for your winter fave to jump in the backseat.

Here are the whys…

Why #1

Nothing. And I do mean nothing moves from day to evening to weekend as quick and easy as a simple white frock. One dress – three different occasions! Let that resonate for a moment…Okay. We’re good.

Change up the shoes, swap out some jewels, and you have a completely different look.

What could be faster, easier, or more stress-free?

White Dress Obsessed Zara Dress Hat From Nordstrom

Why #2

There’s no need to buy anything new (except for the dress, of course).

You can literally bust out any color and any style of accessory in your closet and it matches beautifully. It’s magical.

I’ll make the prediction that those seldom-worn accessories in your closet (like this hat) that never goes quite right with anything else will look amazing with your new white addition.

White Dress Obsessed Zara Dress Aldo Shoes Kate Spade NY Sunglasses

Why #3

There’s something so fresh and bright and clean and spring-y about white. You’re going to stand out like a sweet oasis in the sea of color this Spring.

Are you ready for this week’s style challenge…? Of course, you are.

Pick-up that little white dress you’ve had your eye on but have been resisting (yeah you! on the will power), pick a theme (sporty, dressy, beachy, etc.), find accessories you already own and love and create the perfect ‘Hello Spring’ look.

Then, wait while the compliments flood in.

Feel free to share any style epiphanies, comments, or heck, random thoughts – I’d love to chat with you.

‘Til next week.

Hugs and Happy Shopping.

Did you miss last week’s post? No worries – click here.

Why I'm White Dressed Obsessed White Zara Dress with with white and pink Fila Sneakers

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