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5 Tired Trends It’s Time To Trash.

May 7, 2021

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Spring is the perfect time for a quick and easy closet purge.

Nothing too crazy pants. More like making space for all the beautiful, spring additions you’re adding.

A disastrous morning run-in with a leaning tower of shoes prompted me to take my own advice. And in the midst of all that purging I ran into 5 trends it is time to trash.

What’s even more exciting? There wasn’t a single smidge of remorse or hesitation.

None of that, ‘But I might want to wear it next week.’

Or ‘But my girlfriend so-and-so would look great in this. I’ll give it to her.’

Nope. These tired trends have seen their day and should be purged pronto tonto.

And here they are…

Cold Shoulder Anything:

What's Out For 2021 - Cold Shoulder

Honestly, I’m surprised this trend held on as long as it did. I think we saw it first six years ago. And six years is enough. It’s time to move on.

What To Wear Instead?

There are a ton of fun options this season. One of my favorites is the exaggerated collar. It first appeared last year and then lost momentum because we were all stuck at home in grungy t-shirts.

Good news! It’s back this season and still looks fresh and new.

What's In For 2021 - Exaggerated Collar

ASOS – New Look Embroidered Collar Shirt $39. Tap The Pic For More Details.

Anything off the shoulder. Granted it can present bra issues, but it’s fresh and feminine. Plus, if you love your neck, bust, and/or décolletage, it’s a perfect fit for you.

By the way, if you want a great strapless bra, here is my favorite.

What's In For 2021 - Off The Shoulder Top

Free People – Fuji Thermal $68. Available In A Ton of Colors. To See Them All, Tap The Picture.

Fashion Trend For 2021 - Off The Shoulder

Norma Kamali – Off Shoulder All In One Bodysuit $165. Tap The Pic For More Info.

Monochromatic tops. And variations of monochromatic, like this hot number.

Fashion Trend 2021 - Monochromatic Tops

Parentezi – Chunky Knit Padded Shoulder Cardigan $450. Tap The Pic For All The Details.

This trend works especially well for you Petite ladies as it adds the illusion of height. And of course for all of us wanting to look thinner. Can I get an amen?

Destroyed Denim:

What's Out In 2021 - Destroyed Denim

Not to be confused with a bit of damage.

More like, if there are so many holes in the legs, it’s a mystery how they still hold together. If that’s the case, it’s time to ditch them.

What To Wear Instead?

What's In For 2021 - Wide Leg Jeans

Ariat – Kelsea Mid-Rise Wide Leg Trouser $79.95. Tap The Pic To Check Them Out.

There has been a ton of scuttlebutt about skinny jeans being out of fashion. I don’t agree. They compliment so many body shapes, I doubt they’ll ever go away completely. However, as so many women are transitioning from yoga pants back into real clothes, comfort is definitely a priority.

If that sounds like you, check out wide-leg jeans. Not only are they comfortable, but for anyone with strong shoulders or a voluptuous bust, they are super flattering.

What's In For 2021 - Wide Leg Denim

J. Crew – High-Rise Drapey Trouser Jean $128. Tap The Pic For More Info.

One word of caution – RISE. If the rise is too high, they’ll make your butt look long versus cute and perky.

What's In For 2021 - Wide Leg Denim

Athleta – Cabo Linen Wide Leg Pant $79. Tap The Pic For All The Details.

If you want more info on finding your most awesome jeans, check out the Finding The Perfect Pants Doesn’t Have To Be A Pain In The Butt article here.

High-Low Hems:

What's Out In 2021 - High-Low Hems

Another trend that has been hanging around for absolute ages. I admit I had been holding onto several of these dresses way past their prime. But it’s time to try something fresh.

What To Wear Instead?

What's In For 2021 - Tiered Hem Dresses

Amanda Uprichard – Sleeveless Saffron Dress $216. Sizes Are Super Limited, But Tap The Pic To See What’s Available Or Put On The Waitlist.

Tiered Hem Dresses. They are everywhere this season and a perfect choice if you have a curvy middle or voluptuous thighs.

What's In For 2021 - Tiered Hem Dresses

Aqua – Poplin Mini Dress $88. Tap The Pic To Order.

What's In For 2021 - Tiered Hem Dresses

Shoshanna – Catrina Dress $418. Tap The Pic For All The Details.

Bike Shorts:

What's Out In 2021 - Bike Shorts

This one doesn’t really need an explanation, right?!?

What To Wear Instead?

What's In For 2021 - Paper Bag Waist Shorts

L’Agence – Hillary Paperbag Linen Shorts $245. Tap The Pic For More Info.

Paper bag waist shorts. These are perfect for our girlfriends who have an itty-bitty waist.

They’re also a-mazing if you want to add a smidge of volume to your derriere.

Fashion Trends For 2021 - Paper Bag Waist Shorts

Revolve – Denim Shorts $158. Tap The Pic To Order.

Fashion Trends For 2021 - Paper Bag Waist Shorts

English Factory – Gingham Print Shorts $60. Tap The Pic For More Details.


What's Out In 2021 - Tie-Dye

Okay, so tie-dye was super fun in the ’60s. And a bit of fun for a brief moment last spring, but there are prettier options this Spring.

What To Wear Instead?

Add a pop of bright pink.

What's In For 2021 - Bright Pink

Saylor – Blythe Smocked Puff Sleeve Top $198. Tap The Pic For More Info.

What's In For 2021 - Bright Pink

J. Crew – No. 2 Pencil Skirt $79.50. Tap The Pic To Order.

Or blush pink.

What's In For 2021 - Blush Pink

Free People – Flower Power Top $108. Tap The Pic To See Other Colors.

What's In For 2021 - Blush Pink

Hoodie Dress $148. Tap The Pic For More Details.

Kelly green.

What's In For 2021 - Bright Green

Green Shirt Dress. On Sale Now $144. Tap The Pic For More Info.

Or any shade of yellow.

What's In For 2021 - Yellow

Boden – Mischa Belted Dress $110. Tap The Pic To Other Colors & Patterns Available.

Feel uneasy about going bright from head to toe?

Accessories to the rescue – Try a yellow handbag, or a pair of pink pumps. They’ll brighten up your closet without making you feel like a flashing neon sign.

That’s a wrap sunshine.

Five trends that have seen their day.

  • Cold Shoulder
  • Destroyed Denim
  • High-low hems
  • Bike Shorts
  • Tye-Dye


Any trends I missed you can’t wait to say ‘good bye’ to?

Leave a comment below and we’ll get the conversation started.

‘Til next week.

Hugs & happy shopping.

Our Style Addiction - Angela

P.S. If you want a super easy complete step-by-step plan for closet cleaning, check out the 5 Steps To A Clutter Free Closet here. And while you’re there make sure to snag your free checklist.

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