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Blue Light Glasses (That Aren’t Boring)

August 13, 2020

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Blue light blocking glasses are super controversial.

Okay, maybe not as decisive as politics or the pros/cons of wearing a face mask. But, it’s definitely up there.

For every three doctors who say they’ll keep our eyeballs healthy, there are three more who poo-poo the idea and claim its all nonsense.

I have no idea who is right.

What I do know is that the screen time app on my phone says mine is up 2 ½ hours a day. That’s irritating for a lot of reasons, mostly because I thought I’d turned that stupid app off.

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The second reason I’m so grumpy is because I’ve been sleeping like crap lately. Which blue light blocking advocates say is one of the symptoms of excessive exposure. Along with blurry vision, headaches/migraines, dry eyes, an inability to focus, and a bunch of other stuff we don’t want.

So, if a $50 investment will keep us healthy, happy, and sleeping through the night, seems like a pretty harmless gamble.

The search began on Amazon. However, one page in and their offerings were… kind of ho-hum. (Here’s the link if you want to check them out.)

That prompted a bit of research and… hallelujah! Three brands offering super fashionable, colorful, and cute blue light blocking glasses.

Enough chitter-chatter, here they are…

The Book Club:

The Book Club Blue Light Blocking Glasses
Blue Light Duh Bleach Glasses $50. Tap The Pic For More Details.

Ironic right? I mean if we were reading old-school books, we wouldn’t be having this problem in the first place.

But I digress.

The Book Club Purple Blue Light Blocking Glasses
Harlot’s Bed Reading Glasses $30. Tap The Picture For More Details.

What’s Great About This Brand?

Besides the obvious – super awesome frames. They’re each have clever book-themed names that’ll make you smile. And did you see those prices!

You can see all their styles here.

Quay Australia:

Quay Blue Light Blocking Glasses
Quay Lustworthy $65. Also Available In Black. Tap The Picture For More Info.

You’ve likely heard about Quay because of their amazing collaborations with mega-celebrities – most recently with Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez.

Which would lead us to think, they’d have a healthy price sticker. But au contraire! Their prices start at $55. Bonkers, right!

Quay Blue Light Blocking Glasses
Quay Aviators $65. Available In Two Other Colors. Tap The Picture To Check Them All Out.

What’s Great About This Brand?

They have a virtual try on, so you can buy frames online and know exactly what you’ll look like. Completely alleviating the whole buy-exchange-buy-return back and forth. Which is soooo annoying.

You can check out the Virtual Try-On for yourself here. Or you can read the Sunglass Post from earlier in the season where we chat a bunch about face shape and which frame style will look best on you.

They have a huge variety of frames – from super trendy to more conservative ideal for every day.

By the way, I was stalking their site yesterday and they have a BOGO special going on now. You can check it out here.

Diff Eyewear:

Diff Eyewear Blue Light Blocking Glasses
Retro Blue Light $85. Tap The Picture To See Them Up Close.

I originally fell in love with this brand when I bought these pink rhinestone-encrusted sunglasses ala Elvis.

Don’t let that scare you though. They also offer a bazillion more versatile frames that are perfect for work life.

Diff Blue Light Blocking Glasses
Ultra Violet Blue Light $85. Tap The Picture To See All The Colors.

What’s To Love About This Brand?

They are super committed to charity. They donate a portion of every purchase to supplying reading glasses, exams, and treatment to people in need around the world.

They also have a BOGO sale going on now. Here’s the link if you want to see the other frames available.

That’s A Wrap, Sunshine!

Three brands to check out if you’re considering buying (or expanding your collection) of blue light blocking glasses.

I’m also way curious to hear about your experience with blue light glasses. Did you notice a difference? Share below, and we’ll get the chat started.

‘Til Next Week.

Hugs & Happy Shopping.


Our Style Addiction - Angela

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P.P.S. Make sure to swing by next week where we’re going to chat about a super feminine Fall trend – ruffles.

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