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Attention Short Girls! These Simple Style Hacks Are For You.

September 7, 2020

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With Summer unofficially behind us, it’s time to start thinking about putting together our Fall/Winter wardrobe. And while I love nearly everything about Autumn, bulky sweaters, puffer vests, and thicker materials can present a challenge for Petites.

So, I thought this would be a perfect time to talk about simple style hacks that’ll add the appearance of length (especially in the legs) with very little effort.

And an added bonus… many of these petite style suggestions also help to make us look thinner.

Yeah! Talk about a win-win.

Okay, enough chitter-chatter, let’s dive in.

The Perfect Pants For Petites:

Style Tip For Petites - High Waisted Pants

  • High Waisted – I know! All of my GenX cronies will cringe at this one. Living through a trend the first time is great. But, by the third resurgence, it’s super-duper tempting to hide under a pillow and pray it goes away quickly. However, high waisted jeans, pants, and skirts won’t stay dead for a reason. Mostly because they truly do make our legs look longer, our butt look better, and our waist appear itty-bitty. Seeing all that in print kinda’ makes me wonder why I don’t have a closet full of the style.

Style Tips For Petites - The Ideal Pant Length

  • Length – I cry at this one because I adore capri length. However, it is seldom a friendly fashion for Petites. Instead, keep the hem as long as possible for your chosen heel height. A mere inch or two from the floor is best.

Hair Styles For Petites:

Style Tip For Petites - High Bun or Pony Tail

  • There is a reason Carrie Bradshaw so often wore her hair in a high bun. Talk about any easy way to instantly add two inches to your height! If buns aren’t your thing – I Dream of Jeannie high ponytails work just as well.

Perfect Patterns & Prints For Petites:

Style Tips For Petites - One Pattern From Shoulder To Hem

  • Pick one print or pattern and wear it from head to toe. Something else to keep in mind, while larger patterns can make us look thinner if you want to look taller, keep the pattern more understated. This subtle plaid or polka-dots are both awesome choices.


style tips for petites - monochromatic

  • Always a safe bet because there is nothing to chop your body into smaller portions. And bonus – this works for every color, not just black or grey. So go rock some color.

Mini/Maxi Dresses:

Style Tips For Petites - Go Mini or Maxi

  • Kourtney got it right on this one. Go short (mid-thigh) or long (dusting the floor). In between, although possible, can be tricky. And always be aware of the material. If the length is right, but the material is thick or bulky, it can undo the illusion of length.


Style Tips For Petites - V-necks & long necklaces

  • If you have the choice between crew neck or v-neck – go v-neck every time. A flash of skin does an amazing job at elongating your form with little effort.


  • Add a long necklace or two to your v-neck, and suddenly, people will think you’re as tall as a badass Amazon warrior girl. (Here are some places to find awesome fashion jewelry.)

Shoulder Grazing Earrings:

Style Tips For Petites - Long Chandelier Earrings

  • Chandelier earrings are great. Give yourself extra credit points if they are long and thin, like the picture above.


Style Tips For Petites - Small Handbags

  • Your small frame can easily be overwhelmed by a suitcase-sized, carry-all. Only go as large as you actually need for the stuff you have to schlep along with you. (You can check out more Tips To Finding A Handbag You Love here.)

Play with Proportions:

  • A short skirt and long top or short top and high waisted pencil skirt are both super flattering combinations. One thing to watch out for is volume – if one item is bulky, make sure the other is thin & lightweight.


Style Tips For Petites - Nude Heels

  • I saved the most obvious ‘til now. Heels are absolutely the easiest way to stand eye-to-eye with everyone in the office. If you’re rolling your eyes right now because of the dreaded foot pain, you can catch the article on tips to Finding Comfortable High Heels here.
  • Nude Shoes/Bare Legs – Visually, these just keep your legs going and going with no breaks in the length. One caveat – watch out for thick ankle straps. They appear to chop off your legs at the ankle, which can eliminate all of our hard work.
  • Tights/Shoes – As the weather gets colder and you dig out your tights, shoot for matching them to your shoes.
  • Pointy Toed Shoes – Yet another way to visually lengthen your legs and make them look slimmer and as if they go on forever and ever. (This tip works if you love flats or kitten heels too.)

A Couple Things Petites Should Be Cautious Of:

Style Tips For Petites - Skinny Belt

  • Belts – If you really feel like one is necessary, keep it thin. Even better? Keep it the same color as your outfit.

Style Tips For Petites - Avoid Volume

  • Volume – We mentioned this a couple times before but in this case, it’s about unnecessary accessories like the scarf in the picture above. No matter how much we love it, if the accessory adds width, we’ve got to ditch it.

And That’s A Wrap, Sunshine!

There you have it – the best, simple style tips for Petites.

Use one or as many as you like while updating your wardrobe this Fall. You’ll be amazed at how a few simple tips make short girls look oodles taller.

As always, I love to hear from you, so feel free to share your favorite tip below.

‘Til Next Week.

Hugs & Happy Shopping.

P.S. Did you miss last week’s article on How To Dress Expensive Without Blowing Your Budget? No worries! Here’s the link so you’ll be all caught up.

P.P.S. Make sure to swing by next week. We’re going to chat about my favorite fall shoe trend.

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