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Easy Ways To Dress Slimmer

January 14, 2020

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Water is blue. Dirt is brown. And weight happens.

And for me, it happens every holiday season. Sometimes I lose it, most times I don’t.

I guess we could get all out of sorts about it.

But honestly, if a couple of extra pounds is the cost for all the fun we had, memories we created, and love we shared, then I’m thinking a couple pounds is a cheap price tag.

So, while I’m okay with the fluctuations, not everyone needs to know I ate my weight in brie last month.

Professional Help:

When the number on the scale starts to climb, I typically do two things; self-tanner (because tan skin looks slimmer than my usual shade of pasty white) and I gravitate towards the biggest bulkiest items in my closet.

I knew there were better solutions out there, so I tapped into a pro.

No, not a shrink.

I called on a professional shopper for advice. (You’ll remember Apryl from last Spring’s post about Finding the Perfect Handbag. If not, you can check it out here.)

Of course, she was a wealth of fabulous tips on how to dress slimmer.

I won’t keep you in suspense. Here’s what Apryl had to say…

Pro Tip #1 – Monochromatic

The solid shade from shoulder to hem gives the illusion of length versus chopping us in half at the waist. Which can happen with different colored separates. And your shade du jour doesn’t always have to be black. Unless you just really love it.

BCBGGeneration Dress and Vest

You can find details about my dress here. By the way – it’s on sale!

And here is the fuzzy vest in black. Silver and my favorite burgundy.

Pro Tip #2 – Patterns

Stripes, plaid, floral, oh my! Go crazy girl!

According to Apryl, patterns keeps the viewers’ eye moving and stops it from settling on little unwanted bumps. I wasn’t convinced, so I questioned her further…

What about a big floral? She said, ‘Yep, that’ll work.’

What about a tiny houndstooth? She said, ‘Excellent!’

And finally I asked, Surely plaid is a no-no. To which she responded, ‘Nope. Plaid is perfect.’ Fine! I’m convinced.

Pro Tip #3 – Fabric is Key

Gravitating towards the bulkiest item in our closet is a reflex. However, heavy fabrics can make us look thicker than we are. Instead, choose lighter-weight materials that will move with us.

Throw on A Duster

We’re going to natter on about fabric again with this one. The midi or maxi-length is flattering as it elongates our figure. However, the wrong material choice can undo all your clever planning.

Loose and flowy fabric is best.

The brand that immediately comes to mind with dusters is Free People. Their easy breezy boho styling makes this a constant style choice.

And boy, do they have some pretty ones! Click here to check them out.

Pro Tip #4 – Tailored Is Good

Another default is to snag the most shapeless items in our closet. Instead, try tailoring where it works.

If you finished the Style Quiz, then you’ll remember us chatting about our perfect dress shape.

Haven’t snagged your free quiz yet? No worries, click here to get yours.

It’s the same idea now – pick the favorite area of your figure and accentuate that.

If you gain weight in your waist, emphasize your legs. If all that champagne landed in your thighs, then show off your boobs.

Wrap Dresses To The Rescue

They’re always so flattering and make the most of your new curves. It’s so classically fashionable, you can wear them anytime and anyplace.

I’m obsessed with this one!

Pro Tip #6 – Confidence

While Apryl and I were chatting, confidence came up, of course. ‘Cause you can’t really talk about fashion or style without it popping up. You can do anything, wear anything, as long as you are confident.

If you don’t believe me, take it from that hot guy who said, ‘Confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can wear.’

You’ve got this girl!

And just remember, looking back on this last holiday, you won’t remember how much you weighed, but you’ll definitely remember all the fun you had.

Thoughts? Comments? Additional tips on how you dress slimmer?

I’d love to hear from you. You can leave a comment below or pop off an email.

‘Til next week.

Hugs and happy shopping.

P.S. What? You missed last week’s post? No, worries. Click here to read how easy it is to achieve a Clutter Free Closet.

P.P.S. Mark your calendar because next week we’re going to chat about where to find Cute Dresses Shockingly Cheap. And you definitely don’t want to miss that. 🙂

BCBGGeneration Dress and Faux Fur Vest

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