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April 11, 2020

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When it comes to home fragrance, girls fall into one of three categories…

  • I think there’s a candle in the closet that some random girl gave me for Christmas a couple years ago.
  • I have a couple pillar candles from our romantic anniversary dinner last year.
  • Something feels off in my house unless there is a candle burning and a reed diffuser in every single room.

If you fall into the first two categories – no judgment. Home fragrance isn’t your jam.

But… If you’re firmly with me in the third camp – read on, and we’ll chat about three of the best home fragrance brands I’ve found.


Tyler Candles High Maintenance

Tyler Diva Scented Candle $10 – Tap The Pic For More Details

There is certainly no shortage of yummy smelling options out there, but by far, my favorite is Tyler Candle Company.

Why they’re great:

I know a lot of brands brag about their burn time. However, in this case, it’s true. The 3oz candle burns for 20-25 hours. It’s bonkers!

They are fragrant without overwhelming your nose.

Don’t judge me based on the names, but my two favorite fragrances are High Maintenance and Diva.

Tip – I have better luck with the 3.4 oz size. For some reason, the larger size with multiple wicks don’t burn as even.

Not To Be Critical But…

Their candles are not the prettiest. You can find about a bazillion brands that have more luxe containers and fancier packaging. Still, when it comes to loving the smell, Tyler trumps them all.

Two other random reasons to love Tyler

They are based in Tyler, Texas. I’ve never been there, but I’m sure it’s as cool as it sounds. And can’t you just picture a bunch of rough and tumble cowboys stomping around a historic warehouse pouring wax into delicate glass jars and nannering on and on about top, middle, and bottom notes? The whole thought makes me laugh.

The second reason, is that I love people who are crazy about what they do, and these peeps absolutely fit the bill. I mean, their FAQ page will knock your knee-highs off; from burn funnels to fragrance mushrooms, and the correct wax pool. I didn’t know what any of that was, so I’ve added the link here in case you’re curious too.

Lampe Berger

Maison Berger Lampe Berger

Lampe Berger Green Glass Diffuser $66 – Tap The Pic To Find Out More

So, I’ve been a Lampe Berger fan for years. From their romantic history (founded 120 years ago by a French Pharmacist) to the lighting ritual, they simply elevate the whole home fragrance process.

What’s To Love

Without question, it is the most effective burner when it comes to removing cooking smells.

On their site, they say their burners remove ‘malodorous molecules’ from the air. I have no idea what those molecules are, but if they mean onion and garlic smell, I totally agree.

On the flip side, the whole lighting process can be a pain in the butt. Here’s a video if you have questions. I would try to explain the process, but I’m pretty sure that even after having one for a decade, I still do it wrong.


Their fragrance names are strange and not very descriptive. Right now, I’m addicted to Oriental Star. Which doesn’t smell Oriental in the least. Your best bet would be to pop into a retailer and test the variations in person.

Aroma 360

Aroma360 Mini360 SL

Aroma360 – Mini 360 SL Diffuser $199. Tap The Picture For More Information

A friend of mine had one of these in her house and I fell in love. Apparently, I raved so much about it, she felt obligated to buy one for my birthday.

So many things to love about this:

It’s so sleek and modern, it fits right into our décor. I have it in the dining room on our bar cart, and unless someone knew what it was, they’d think it was an electric wine bottle opener.

It lets out little puffs of fragrance, so it never overwhelms or is too strong.

It has a remote with a timer, so I turn it on, set it for an hour and forget about it. Say goodbye to that whole, ‘Oh crap! Did I leave the candle burning?’ nonsense.

The use-up rate is super impressive. I turn on the diffuser a couple of times a day for an hour each and still have half a bottle of fragrance.

They use a new technology called cold diffusion because heat breaks down the effectiveness of essentials oils and should be avoided. Wow! Who knew?

The only fragrance I’ve tried is ‘Across The Universe.’ It’s supposed to help mental clarity, aid in focus, and relieve stress. Think my girlfriend is trying to tell me something? Anyways, I have no idea if all those benefits are real, but I will say, walking through the little puffs of fragrance, makes me happy.

Put A Bow On It:

Have fun checking out these three fancy fragrance brands.

Or, if you have a favorite that I left off the list, please share. We’re always looking for a yummy new flavor.

‘Til Next Week.

Hugs & Happy Shopping.

Our Style Addiction - Angela

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P.P.S Make sure to swing by next week when we’re going to talk up a storm about Vintage Handbags.

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