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April 4, 2020

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This is one of those moments when I wonder if I’ve been living under a rock without internet access my entire life.

Why? You ask – Well, about a month ago, I was doing research for a new ‘Look Great at The Office Checklist’ and discovered Monies Jewelry.

Discovered them 47 years after Gerda & Nikolai founded the company.

30-ish years after they collaborated with Christian Lacroix and Donna Karan.

And 1 year after they won The Brand of The Year at Elle Style Awards.

Monies Jewelry Orange & Pink Izzy Earrings

Monies Jewelry Orange & Pink Izzy Earrings $165 – Tap the picture if you’d like more details.

Yep, I’m feeling a bit like those turtles on the high-speed internet commercial. You know the one?

Now having read their resume, you probably think the prices are bonkers! But they’re not. More on that in a bit.


There’s something so fascinating about family-owned companies. Like the Roys or the Sopranos or the Carringtons. Except, well, you know, this family is real, and I’m guessing lighter on the whole crazy thing.

I’ve included the link here if you want to learn more about this husband/wife/son’s jewelry dynasty.

Monies Jewelry Black Sara Earrings

Black Sara Earrings $225 – Tap the pic for more

Here’s why I love their designs:

  • We chat all the time about how one clever statement accessory can elevate your style and pull together an outfit fast and easy. Their pieces absolutely do that.
  • Given their super high-quality, others (aka that gossipy co-worker in the office across the hall) will think you paid so so much more than you did. Which is always awesome. For example the ring (pictured below) is on sale for $68 – nope I didn’t leave off a digit.
  • They are as fun and playful as candy and can’t help but brighten your day and make you smile.
  • Their designs are on the larger side, so you can always take off the silver earrings (above) and use them to defend yourself against an evil vampire in the parking garage. (Probably just kidding – but it never hurts to be prepared, right.)
Monies Jewelry Dome Ring

Dome Ring $68 – Tap the picture for more info

Here’s What I’m Thinking:

Their designs are bold and fearless, and while we want to collect them all, wearing one piece at a time is likely best. (And this from the girl who thinks every limb of your body should be decorated like a Christmas tree.)

In this case though, the pieces deserve to be the center of attention instead of having to fight for love like a middle child.

Monies Jewelry Purple & Green Crystal Cut Earrings

Purple & Green Crystal Cut Earrings $145 – They’re also available in a pretty pink and yellow combo. Click the picture to go there.

So, that is all my friend.

If you’re looking for a new unique piece of statement jewelry, check out Monies. You will be oh-so happy you did.

A few of my favs are gathered below.

And the link to a couple of retailers in case you want to check out their whole collection; Farfetch and Ssense.

Have fun!

‘Til Next Week.
Hugs and Happy Shopping.

Our Style Addiction - Angela

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