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December 9, 2021

Petite Holiday Outfits
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I call it the Holiday Hit List. Mostly because it sounds so badass and dangerous. In reality, it’s a super helpful list I share with clients to make sure they (and their closets) are ready to look amazing the entire holiday season.

In case you’re asking yourself, Why?

‘Cause Having A Strategy Saves Cash

No more wasting money on things we’ll wear once and then never ever again.

‘Cause Shopping With Intention Saves Time

It’s tough to make awesome decisions when time is short and we’re forced to panic shop.

‘Cause Getting Dressed Should (And Can) Be Fast And Easy

Doesn’t fast and easy sound so much better than stressed out and scrambling for something to wear at the last minute? Heck yeah, it does.

So, take a peek at the list below. And know, if you already have a version of each in your closet, you have everything you need to look smashing at every swanky soiree this season.

But First, A Dire Warning!

The joy of the season often seduces us into experimenting with styles we wouldn’t normally consider.
However, the styles that flatter your shape haven’t changed.
Neither have the styles that don’t flatter us.

So be cautious when considering new styles. You’ll feel the most confident when you choose a style you know looks great on you. ‘Cause dressing festive is really all about texture. Not funky shapes that are tough to wear. So, experiment instead with sequins or velvet or tulle or taffeta or a luxurious knit.

You can check out this article for a list of some of style mistakes Petites should avoid. Whether it’s December or any other month of the year.

Enough chitter-chatter, let’s get this holiday style party started.

You are invited to… A Zoom Party

So, another year and yet another virtual office party.
No matter how not excited you are to spend another hour of your life on Zoom, you’ll feel great and look even better with our first two must-haves.

#1 – Big Sparkly Earrings

The bigger and sparklier, the better. Your picture on Zoom is small, so scale up the size in real life so you can actually see them on the screen.

If you want more tips for looking great virtually, you can check out this article.

Petite Style Tips For The Holidays - Nadri Chandelier Earrings

Nadri – Leah Chandelier Earrings $145. Tap The Pic To Shop.


Holiday Style Tips For Petites - Anthropologie Ladder Earrings

Anthropologie – Cosmic Rocker Crystal Ladder Earrings $48. Tap The Pic To Shop.

#2 – A Bright Festive Lip Color

If you already have a red you love, perfect.
If not, or if you struggle to find one that works best with your skin tone, this kit is made for you. There is a warm, cool, and neutral undertone, so there is one that’ll look great on everyone. And the matte formula ensures it’ll stay in place no matter how many glasses of champagne you have.

Holiday Style Tip For Petites - MAC Red Lipstick Trio

MAC Tiny Tricks Mini Lipstick Set $23. Tap The Pic To Shop

You Are invited to… An Office Party – IRL

Well, this is exciting! You’re back to seeing your co-workers face-to-face.
But you’ve been at work all day and need to change quickly. Girl! You’ve got this.
All you need to do is focus on the accessories.
Pick two (or three) of the following items below, and suddenly your chic work dress is magically transformed into the perfect holiday outfit.

#3 – Tights

Holiday Style Tips For Petites - Sparkle Tights

Leg Avenue – Marsha Shimmer Tights $16. This is silver sparkle on white tights. However, they have six other color combos that you can check out by tapping the pic.

Not much for sparkle? These are festive without being in your face.

Petite Holiday Style Tips

MeMoi Holiday Snowflake Patterned Sweater Tights $19. Four other colors available. Tap The Pic To See Them All.

#4 – Heels

Petite Holiday Outfits - SJP Sparkle Heels

Bloomingdale’s – SJP Sparkle Shoes $450. Tap The Pic To Shop.

And here is a platform option if you want the added inches without sacrificing comfort.

Petite Holiday Style Tips - Steve Madden Sparkle Shoes

Steve Madden Platform Heels $140. Tap The Pic To Shop.

More of a pearl girl? Then, you are going to love these classy beauties.

Petite Holiday Outfits - Kate Spade Kitten Heels

Kate Spade – Marisol Pearl Pumps $228. Tap The Pic To Shop.

#5 – Belt

Petite Holiday Outfit Tips - Anthropologie Rhinestone Belt

Anthropologie Rhinestone Belt – $80. Tap The Pic To Shop.

You’re Invited To… Drinks With The Girls

Two words. Slip Dress.
There is nothing more comfortable, stylish, and appropriate for a gathering with your tribe.
Now, I know what you’re thinking… It’s 25 degrees outside. I’m going to freeze my butt off.
Not when you add a faux fur vest, a chunky cardigan, or a stylish duster.
And of course, there’s always the option to wear something cute underneath, like a graphic tee.
The options are endless, and you’ll be the belle of the bar.

Petite Holiday Outfits - Velvet Slip Dress

Banana Republic Factory – Petite Cowl-Neck Velvet Slip Dress $69. Also Available In Black. Tap The Pic To Shop.

Anytime you can surprise and delight by choosing a non-traditional color, I chalk it up as a win. And there is something truly delicious about this Grinch-Esque shade of green.

Petite Holiday Outfits

Le Superbe – Slipping Out Velvet Slipdress $445. Tap The Pic To Shop Now.

A Petite Must-Have – Adjustable straps.

Please make sure the straps are adjustable. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself scrambling for safety pins or dashing to the tailor last minute. And we definitely don’t have time for that nonsense.

You’re Invited To… A Cocktail Party

The excitement of a cocktail party can only be dimmed by the stress of finding the perfect dress to wear.
Every woman needs to have at least one staple sequined skirt and one timeless sequin dress in their wardrobe to bust out for just such an event.
If those are missing from your current line-up or you’re looking for some fresh shimmer this season, here are some fun choices.

#7 – Sequin Skirt

The beauty of a sequin skirt is its versatility. Pair with a denim top or funky tee for a casual house party. Or pair with a taffeta peplum blouse, and you’re ready for even the fanciest charity benefit.

Petite Holiday Outfits - French Connection Sequin Skirt

French Connection – Eshka Sequin Mini Skirt $148. Also Available In Black. Tap The Pic To Shop.

#8 – Sequin Dress

This a-line option is brilliant if you like to hide a pesky middle section.

Petite Holiday Outfits - French Connection Sequin Dress

French Connection – Estari Ombre Swing Dress $268. Also Available In A Silver/Green/Blue Number. Tap The Pic To Shop.

Petite Holiday Outfits Ted Baker Sparkle Dress

Ted Baker – Alexian Embellished Mini Dress $695. Tap The Pic To Shop.

I love this option. Because while the front is over-the-top sparkle, the back is unadorned. Meaning sitting or driving is easy peasy.

What?!? Not a fan of sequins? We’ll have to save that conversation for another day. In the meantime, velvet has you covered.

The tiered styling makes this another brilliant option if you like to conceal a pesky middle section.

Petite Holiday Outfits - Vince Camuto Tiered Dress

Vince Camuto Velvet Dress $148. Tap To Shop.

With all the season’s straps and necklines you may find yourself facing a bra conundrum. Here is an article that’ll help.

You’re Invited To… The Neighborhood Block Party

This should be the easiest one, right? Wrong. Especially if your ‘hood is anything like mine. We never plan to gather. It all just falls together at the last minute.
Meaning besides being prepared with chilled wine and quick appetizers, a quick yet fun outfit at the ready is mandatory. And the next two items will have you looking brilliant.

By the way, these options also translate beautifully for a casual Christmas Eve and Christmas Day celebration.

#9 – A Fuzzy Sweater Or Embellished Top

A sweater warning for Petites – Search for a cropped version (especially if you’re not shopping in the Petite section) or one that is thin enough to tuck. Anything bulky that hits at the hips or below can turn frumpy in an instant and over-whelm your frame.


Petite Holiday Outfits - Revolve Embellished Sweater

ASTR the Label – Tea Party Cardigan $110. Tap To Shop.


Petite Holiday Outfits - Anthropologie Sequin Tank Top

Anthropologie – Maeve Sequined Tie-Strap Tank $98. Available In Other Colors, But Only Red Is Petite. Tap The Pic To Shop.


Petite Holiday Outfits - Kate Spade Sequin Top

Kate Spade – Sequin Bow-Back Top $298. Tap To Shop.

If you need help finding the perfect pants to pair with your festive top, here’s an article that’ll help.

#10 – Statement Ring

Feel free to bust out your sparkly chandelier earrings from earlier, or switch it up by adding a statement ring. The ones below scream, This girl has effortless style.

Petite Holiday Style Tips - Kate Spade Cocktail Ring

Kate Spade – Jeweled Rosette Ring $128. Tap To Shop.


Petite Holiday Style Tips - Monica Vinader Cocktail Ring

Monica Vinader – Square Faceted Cocktail Ring $395. Tap To Shop.


Petite Holiday Style Tips - Swarovski Cocktail Ring

Swarovski – Mesmera Cocktail Ring $149. Tap To Shop.

That’s A Wrap, Sunshine.

For those of you who scrolled to the bottom :-), here’s a quick recap.

The 7 items you need to be prepared for every event, party, and intimate gathering this holiday party season

  • Statement earrings
  • A bright lipstick
  • Fun accessories like tights, a belt, or heels
  • A bold cocktail ring
  • A flattering slip dress
  • A staple sequin or velvet piece
  • A festive sweater/top

Here’s to you having the best December yet!

‘Til next week.

Hugs and happy shopping.

Angela - Petite Style Coach

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