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The 10 Best Petite Boutiques

August 1, 2021

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At last week’s Saturday Style School, I shared my favorite places to shop for my petite clients. Just something I threw in at the last minute because I thought it might be helpful. Turns out everyone loved it! And asked for more.

Because let’s be honest. Being petite is awesome. But, our lack of height absolutely brings some unique style challenges.

So I thought I thought I’d spread the love and share my top ten petite stores with you. Along with a snippet about what each of them does best.

And what perfect timing! I mean, you’re probably thinking about a seasonal style refresh. You can shop at the same-old-same-old stores or try someplace new that have styles sized specifically for you.

A caveat before we dive in…

How petite sizing differs:

Besides the inseams of pants and hem length on skirts and dresses being shorter, there are a couple of other differences in petite sizing.

* The shoulders are narrower

* Sleeve lengths are shorter

* Arm openings closer to the shoulder

* Knee allowance higher

Why is that important?

Because being short isn’t the only prerequisite for wearing Petite clothes. You’ll need to decide if wearing ‘petite’ from tip to toe is ideal for you.

Tell me more…

Say you have long legs. Petite pants probably aren’t perfect for you.

Or, if you have a long torso or broad shoulders or a voluptuous bust, petite tops may not fit you brilliantly.

Bottom line, you need to know your body and feel free to mix and match petite and regular sizing, so your clothes fit your shape perfectly.

One More Thing…

I broke the stores down into Career, Casual, and Curvy to make it easier to find your next favorite petite boutique.


#1 – Buckle

The Best Places To Shop For Petites - Buckle

Buckle – Flying Monkey Ultra High Rise Straight Jean $69. Tap The Pic For More Info.

My #1 go-to for petite denim.

A word of warning… Make sure to have an idea of the wash, rise, and inseam you’re hunting for before going to the site. They have three bazillion styles, and it’s super easy to fall down a fox hole only to emerge hours later with a head full of options but an empty basket.

My tip… use the filter to narrow down your selection. It’s a total game changer! And it’ll save you gobs of time. Plus eliminate the risk of choosing a pair that’s not perfect for your shape.

If you need more info on rise, inseam, and leg shape, make sure to check out, Finding the Perfect Pants Doesn’t Have To Be A Pain In The Butt. There are some must-know tips on which jeans will best flatter petites.

Here’s the link to shop Buckle now.

#2 – Anthropologie

Best Places For Petite Women Clothes

Anthropologie – Floral Halter Maxi Dress $248. Tap The Pic For More Details.

Perfect for the petite boho. Boho can be a struggle because of all the loose, flowy fabric. It’s super easy to cross the border into Is-There-A-Person-Under-All-That-Material? You’ll gracefully avoid that trap by shopping their petite section.

Here’s the link to shop Anthropologie Petite now.

#3 – Lucky Brand

Lucky Brand – High Rise Stevie Flare Jean $129. Tap The Pic For More Details.

For Petites, pant inseam is everything. And while Lucky doesn’t have a ‘Petite’ tab, they offer lengths as short as 24′. Like with Buckle, use the filter to avoid wasting time looking at styles that don’t offer what you need.

Lucky is brilliant if you’re looking for a fun boot cut or funky flared legs.

Here’s the link to shop Lucky Brand now.

#4 – Missguided

Best Places For Petite Women Fashion

Petite Peach Printed Wrap Dress $38. Tap The Pic For More Info.

The oversized trend is easy to love. It’s relaxed, breezy, and oh-so-comfortable. But like boho, the drop shoulders, the billowy skirts, and drop waists can be tough for petites to carry off well without looking shorter or wider.

Missguided’s petite oversized styles are awesome because the measurements are miniaturized for smaller girls.

They also know how to rock the maxi dresses. And you won’t have to cut a foot off the length or have gobs of fabric dragging the floor.

Here’s the link to shop Missguided Petite now.

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#5 – Petite Studio

Best Places To Shop For Petites - Petite Studio

Petite Studio – Emilee Dress $127. Tap The Pic For More Details.

If your vibe is ladylike and classic with a flair for fun, you must check out Petite Studio.

A bit about the company… Like the name suggests, they only design for petites. And because no two petite women are built alike, PS measures each of their designs on three different women to ensure the sizing is spot on.

If you live in a colder climate, make sure to check out their outerwear.

Here’s the link to shop Petite Studio now.

#6 – Ann Taylor

Best Places For Petite Women Fashion

The Petite Belted Wide Leg Pant $119. Tap The Pic For More Details.

The perfect option for work clothes. Especially if you’re petite on top and regular on the bottom or vice versa. They create most of their styles in both regular and petite sizing. Enabling you to mix and match suiting or separates for an outfit that fits you brilliantly.

For a more casual option, you can check out the Loft.

Here’s the link to shop Ann Taylor Petite now.

#7 – Banana Republic

The Best Places To Shop For Petites - Banana Republic

Banana Republic – Petite Classic-Fit Washable Italian Wool-Blend Blazer $138. Available In Navy & Black. Tap The Pic To See More.

Another smart option for suiting, as they offer pants in a multitude of rises and inseams.

Looking for a beautiful blazer that’ll take you from work to happy hour? Go to BR first. You’ll find one that’s short enough to flatter.

Here’s the link to shop Banana Republic Petite now.

Curvy: (Although they all offer traditional sizing as well.)

#8 – Good American

The Best Places To Shop For Petites

Good American – Good Legs Low $159. Tap The Pic For More Info

If you’re looking for jeans, you must must must check out Good American.

A couple of cool features:

* You can pick the model size that’s closest to your shape. ‘Cause, what’s the point of seeing if it looks great on a size 0?!?

* They offer ‘Flat Tummy Tech’. Can I get a hallelujah?

* Their Deep V style gives you booty coverage and then dips in the front for comfort while sitting.

Here’s the link to shop Good American now.

#9 – ASOS Curve

The Best Places To Shop For Petites - ASOS

ASOS DESIGN – Curve Long Sleeve Tiered Smock Mini Dress $29. Tap The Pic To Order.

Don’t let their ‘street style’ reputation scare you. While they rock edgier styles, they have tons and tons of cute, casual dresses perfect for WFH and weekends.

And now, with their acquisition of Top Shop and Miss Selfridge, their petite selection has absolutely exploded.

Here’s the link to shop ASOS now.

#10 – Boden

The Best Places To Shop For Petites - Boden

Boden – Mischa Belted Dress $110. Available In Several Other Colors & Patterns. Tap The Pic To See Them All.

I think of Boden as the British version of J. Crew. From flirty dresses to casual tees, their pieces survive season to season.

What makes them great? They use quality materials at surprisingly low prices.

Here’s the link to shop Boden Petite now.

Extra Credit – #11 – Reformation

Best Places To Shop For Petites - Reformation

Reformation – Petites Gavin Dress $218. Available is 6 other colors. Tap Pic For More Info.

Reformation is perfection when it comes to dressier dresses. Think cocktail parties, holiday parties, and the like.

Here’s the link to shop Reformation Petite now.

Put A Bow On It:

There you have it – my 10 + 1 go-to places to find petite fashion.

What??? I missed your favorite? Pop it into the comments below, and we’ll get the conversation started.

‘Til next week.

Hugs and happy shopping.

Our Style Addiction - Angela

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