Unique Gift Ideas For Every Type of Mom

April 21, 2020

Mother's Day Gift Ideas
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I have sworn off giving lame Mother’s Day gifts this year. I mean, there’s really no excuse to pick up something last minute given all the time we’re saving by not going to happy hour.

So, I went through, looked at our options, and came up with some really good stuff.

And please ignore the fact that it feels a bit like a Spice Girls roundup.

Okay, disclaimer out of the way, let’s start our engines…

For the Sporty Mom:

Nike Vaporfly Running Shoes

Nike Vaporfly Running Shoes $250. Tap The Pic For More Details.

There is a ton of buzz around Nike’s Vaporfly running shoes. Also, a ton of rumors about them being banned by athletic organizations for giving the runner who wears them an unfair advantage. I missed it, but apparently, world records are being crushed left and right. And some hotshot even dropped his deal with another brand just so he could wear these during a competition.

Wow! They must be good!

Not being a runner or athletic at all, I’m not sure how a 4% increase in foam recovery or a copper plate is that big of a deal. But, what I am thinking is that they’ll be more comfortable and result in less joint strain. Both of which are awesome for mom’s knees.

I know! They are likely the ugliest shoes on the planet. However, if your mom loves her treadmill, she’s probably heard about these and will be excited to give them a try.

To make your life easier, here are a couple of quick links for both Dick’s Sporting Goods and on the official Nike site. Sizes and colors are super limited, though. So, if you’re interested, you’ll likely want to run fast. Hehe.

For the Classic Mom:

Kate Spade Scarf

Kate Spade Scarves $78-$99 Depending On Style. Tap The Pic To See All Their Offerings.

Given Dr. Birx’s current popularity, the scarf trend is exploding. Always a fan of Kate Spade, this season, they’re offering the most charming whimsical patterns that will definitely make your mom smile.

She likely has a favorite way she likes to style a scarf, but if y’all want further inspiration, here’s a link to an awesome tutorial.

For the Sentimental Mom:

My Name Necklaces

Russian Ring Necklace – $70-$300 Depending On The Amount Of Rings and The Metal You Choose. Tap The Pic To Check It Out.

Jewelry is always a beautifully timeless option, and My Name Necklace knocks sentimental mom pieces out of the ballpark. Their styles are fresh and different, and the choices are endless. You can pick her favorite metal, add birthstones, and choose from different fonts, so it perfectly matches her individual style.

Here’s another case of wanting to order soon. As I’m writing this, you’ll need to pay for expedited shipping to get it before May 10th, but it’s not a lot extra and totally worth it.

For the Practical Mom:

Hobo Wallet

Lauren Clutch Wallet $128 – Tap The Picture For More Details

I have loved Hobo wallets forever because they are simply the best wallet on the planet.

The compartments and organization will appeal to her practical side and make her life easier since she’ll be able to find everything she needs quickly.

No handbag necessary. She can grab & go for those last-minute trips to the grocery store or to pick up a carry-out order.

This Spring, they’ve really stepped up their color choices, offering some super cheerful options.

For the Fashionable Mom:

Kendra Scott Earrings

Nina Linear Earrings $128 – Tap The Pic For Ordering Info

I mentioned Kendra Scott in the Best Fashion Jewelry Brands post a month or so ago – but their customization is so awesome it deserves to be mentioned again.

On her website, you can create a custom piece featuring your mom’s birthstone or a stone in her favorite color. Then, pick a setting she’ll love, and they’ll put it together exactly how you want.

Talk about thoughtful.

Want to out-do your siblings? (Not to mention all your mom really wants is to spend time with you…)

If you live near a Kendra Scott store, you can take her in, and y’all can make her present together.

For the Luxury Mom:

Barefoot Dreams Throw

Barefoot Dreams Robes & Throws $99-$180. You Know The Drill – If You’d Like More Details, Tap The Picture.

I know! A new robe is beyond cliché.

However, Barefoot Dream has truly stepped it up.

I don’t know how and where they get their material – maybe a Pegaseaus farm on Pluto. But it is simply the softest, fluffiest material I’ve ever felt. So soft, once you feel it yourself, you’ll have a tough time giving it away.

Depending on where she lives, they have a thinner version, which will take her into the summer months.

If throws are her jam, they have beautiful ones soft enough or baby skin.

For the Traditional Mom:

Olive & Cocoa Mother's Day Bouquet

Andrea Mother’s Day Bouquet $104 – Tap the link for ordering info.

If she loves flowers and her day simply won’t be complete without them, check out Olive and Cocoa. They create the most original and dreamy bouquets you’ve ever seen. No boring glass vases, carnations, or baby’s breath around here.

They also carry a myriad of unique jewelry, candles, and home items that are definitely worth checking out.

So that’s it for our Spice Girls / Mother’s Day Roundup.

  • Customized Jewelry
  • Sassy Scarves
  • Decadent Robe
  • High-tech running shoes
  • The smartest wallet ever designed
  • Fragrant flowers to brighten her day

Scroll to the bottom for more colors and styles of featured items.

Any of these ideas will make your mom’s day and let her know how much you truly adore and appreciate her. (And cement your spot as her favorite kid.)

‘Til next week.

Hugs and happy shopping.

Our Style Addiction - Angela

P.S. Yikes! You missed last week’s post about Home Fragrances? No worries. You can tap here to catch up.

P.P.S. Swing by later in the week when we’re going to chat about finding the Ideal Work Tote and Funky Pearls.

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