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Fresh Ways To Style Your Favorite Wrap Dress

July 23, 2020

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I bet you have a wrap dress hanging in your closet. You probably bought it ages ago. And it was a super smart purchase. Yeah, you! They are timelessly fashionable, appropriately perfect for oh-so-many occasions, and super figure-flattering.

But now it hangs neglected in your closet. (Kind of like that cute girl you knew in high school that never got asked to dance.)

Either because newer shinier clothes have pushed it aside. Or because of slippage – you know the accidental bra reveal at the worst possible moment or because of the risk of the skirt flying open on windy days. No worries! There are a couple of tips at the end of this post that’ll take care of that.

Now let’s chat about how to make a classic closet staple new and fresh.

I bet you know what’s coming next… accessories!

A couple cute additions and suddenly, that loyal wrap dress is not only flattering – what’s not to love about something that accentuates your waist.

And comfortable – the typically lightweight material is perfect for hot weather.

And the stretchy fabric means no binding.

BUT we’re actually excited to wear it again. All because of a fresh addition.

Sounds great, right? Take something already hanging in our closet and give it new life.

Well, here are a few ways to do just that.

#1 – Summer Boots

Fresh Ways To Accessorize Your Favorite Wrap Dress
Kensington Chelsea Boot $160. Tap The Picture For All The Details.

Jiminy Christmas! There are about a bazillion options out there right now. And even better, retailers are trying to move them out before Fall officially gets here, so they are all on sale.

Now, if you petite girls are having mind chatter about booties because they chop your legs up and make you look smaller, please know, typically I totally agree.

But here are a couple of tips if you still want to try booties – try a beige or blush shade that is similar to your skin tone. Pointed toes will also help give your legs the illusion of length. And finally, avoid booties altogether and pick a taller style that hits just under or over the knee – allowing just a smidge of space between the dress hem and the top of the boots.

Like these cowboy boots.

Fresh Ways To Style Your Favorite Wrap Dress
Cowboy boots $133. Tap The Picture For More Info.

Or try a fun unexpected color. While we don’t usually think of orange as a neutral, these cheerful guys would look amazing with anything in your closet.

Fresh Ways To Style Your Favorite Wrap Dress Orange Booties
Kenneth Cole Women’s Riley High-Heel Booties On Sale For $176.00. Tap The Picture To See If Your Size Is Available.

If you’re going to go with black, try patent leather.

Fresh Ways To Style Your Favorite Wrap Dress - Black Patent Summer Booties
Anine Bing Pointed-Toe Kitten-Heel Booties. On Sale $199. Tap The Picture For More Details.

Pick beige and you’ll be able to wear them into Fall.

Fresh Ways To Style Your Favorite Wrap Dress With Beige Summer Booties
LoQ Lizard-Embossed Square-Toe Booties. On Sale Now $255. Tap The Picture For All The Details.

And silver could very well be the new black. Oh-so versatile.

Fresh Ways To Style Your Favorite Wrap Dress - Silver Booties
Sigerson Morrison Block-Heel Booties.
On Sale $237. Tap The Picture If You’d Like All The Details.

I'm In!

#2 – Ankle Scarf

Fresh Ways To Style Your Favorite Wrap Dress - Ankle Scarf
Photo Courtesy of Vogue Germany.

I love taking a traditional scarf and tying it around your ankle. Super stylish girls have been doing this for a couple of years. But in most areas, the trend never really took off, so if you decide to make it your own – you can be the office trendsetter.

Fresh Ways To Style Your Favorite Wrap Dress
I Love This Cheerful Watercolor Floral Number. $45. Tap The Picture For All The Details.

A few stores have an exceptionally good selection of scarf squares right now. I gathered their links for you to make it easier – J. Crew, Bloomingdale’s, & Nordstrom.

#3 – Jacket

How To Wear A Wrap Dress
Dolman-Sleeved Denim Jacket
$138. Tap The Picture For Ordering Information.

Lightweight jackets (especially in cold offices) are a clever way to give your wrap dress a new look.

Make sure it’s short – at the waist or above, so you don’t distract from the figure-flattering lines of your dress.

How To Wear A Wrap Dress
Moss Jacket $98. Tap The Picture For Sizes & More Info.

If we’ve been hanging around for a while, then you know I adore a cute denim jacket or an army jacket with a dress. Add the above-mentioned Cowboy boots, and you’re going to look so so good.

However, I get it. They’re not ideal for all situations.

Anthropologie has some adorable options – perfect for any style, conservative to fun to casual. Which makes a jacket a brilliant choice for both work and the weekend.

Fresh Ways To Style Your Favorite Wrap Dress Add A Jacket
Lavender Cropped Jacket $118. Tap The Picture For All The Details.

How To Style Your Favorite Wrap Dress
Glenda Cropped Blazer $128. Tap The Picture For All The Details.

I'm In

#4 – Brami/Necklace Combo (One of those solutions I mentioned earlier)

How To Wear A Wrap Dress
Boatneck Brami $20. Available In A Ton of Colors. Tap The Picture To See Them All.

A Brami (a super clever bra/camisole hybrid) is nearly a must-have for wrap dresses because they do a beautiful job of keeping your bust covered.

How To Wear A Wrap Dress
Laid Back Brami $20. Also Available In More Colors Than You Can Imagine. Tap The Pic To See Them All.

Consider adding a contrasting colored brami to brighten your favorite wrap dress up. What I love about these is that they end above the waist so, there is no unsightly wadding.

Both of these styles come in a gob of colors.

Consider matching your necklace to your brami instead of your dress for an edgy option.

#5 – Earring/Hair Accessory Combo

How To Style A Wrap Dress
Twinkle Star Hair Clips $16 & Daisy Drop Earrings $59. Links Are Below.

I love this combo for summer when anything on your neck can feel too hot and heavy.

Here are some great options. What’s so fun, is once you find a hair accessory that you love they come in lots of different shades that you can mix and match with other much-loved items in your closet.

Caution tape – while this is a combo idea, don’t feel obligated to be too matchy-matchy. Contrast is one of the things that’ll keep it looking more modern.

Potential Wrap Dress Disasters

I promised solutions to the unintentional wrap dress reveals earlier. And here you are…

  • Hollywood Fashion Tape – It’s like flour in the kitchen. You don’t use it a ton, but when you need it, you really need it. Use it to keep both the top and skirt closed and alleviate both slipping and fly-opens.
  • And of course, there’s always option #4 above.

Put A Bow On It

So, that’s a wrap, Sunshine! Five fresh ways to accessorize your favorite wrap dress

  • Summer boots – Try a color you wouldn’t normally consider
  • Add A Scarf In An Unexpected Location – Two Scarves If You’re Feeling Super Adventurous
  • Add A Short Jacket That Hits Above The Waist
  • Brami/Necklace Combo
  • Earring/Hair Accessory Cocktail

What’s your favorite trick to make a much-loved dress fresh & new again?

When you have a moment, pop a comment below. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

‘Til Next Week.

Hugs & Happy Shopping.

Our Style Addiction - Angela

P.S. Did you catch last week’s 7 Jumpsuits You’ll Be Super Excited To Wear article? Don’t worry! Click here and you’ll be all caught up.

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  1. Carol says:

    I love wrap dresses and your suggestions!! Thank you!

    • Angela says:

      Yeah! I am so glad the tips were helpful! Nothing like making something hanging in your closet ‘new’ again. Hugs!

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