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March 31, 2021

Spring/Summer 2021 Jewelry Trends
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A new season means new styles, new trends, a new frame of mind. Especially when we’re shaking off the winter ho-hums and moving into bright, colorful Spring.

This sounds great but actually leaves us standing in our closet trying to re-fresh stuff we wore last year. Or facing new items we’ve purchased and need to pull together into a great outfit.

In either case, the solution?

Why, accessories, of course.

So here are the top jewelry trends for this Spring-Summer season that’ll make styling your closet easy-peasy.

I’ve also included a snippet about who each trend works best for and things to keep in mind before clicking ‘add-to-cart.’

Because accessories are fun and easy. But they need to do more than hang around and sparkle.

They need to; accentuate your favorite feature, flatter your body shape, and hint about how amazing you are without you having to say a word.

With that out of the way, what do you say we dive in?

Precocious Pearls:

Spring Summer 2021 Jewelry Trend - Pearls

J. Crew – Twisty Pearl Statement Necklace $78. Tap The Pic For More Info.

There is nothing more ladylike than popping on a string of pearls.

There’s also nothing that adds interest to an edgy outfit than piling on gobs of them. And that’s the key this Spring/Summer Season – wear gobs of them.

Style Hack – You likely have numerous single strands hanging out in your jewelry box. Pull them all together (in different lengths) and wear them together.

Style Hack – Turn a longer necklace strand into a wrap bracelet.

Are you a pearl aficionado? And want to add some new selections to your collection, then here are a couple fun Spring/Summer options.

Spring Summer 2021 Jewelry Trends - Pearls

Jil Sander – Multi Pearl Ring $350. Tap The Pic For More Details.

Spring Summer 2021 Jewelry Trends - Pearls

Justine Clenquet – Silver Chloe Choker $110. Tap The Pic To Order.

Amazon also has a bunch of options from crazy cheap to mid-priced. You can check them out here.

Flower Fixation:

Spring Summer 2021 Jewelry Trend - Flowers

Kate Spade – First Bloom Statement Earrings $128. Also Available In Multi-Colored. Tap The Pic For More Info.

April showers. May flowers and all that. What better time to add some flirty floral pieces to your jewelry box?

Spring Summer 2021 Jewelry Trends - Flower Statement Earrings

Versace – Flower Scarf Earrings $500. Tap The Pic For All The Details.

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Cute Cuffs:

Spring Summer 2021 Jewelry Trend - Cuff Bracelets

Nordstrom – Karine Sultan Sculptural Cuff $78. Tap The Pic To See Her Whole Collection.

There are so many fun cuffs out there right now I could’ve literally done a whole article just on them.

These are a perfect accessory if you love your sculpted arms and want to attract attention to them. They’re also a fresh solution if you’re tired of layering on tons and tons of bracelets like we’ve been doing the last few seasons.

Spring Summer 2021 Jewelry Trends - Cuff Bracelets

Karine Sultan – Embellished Crystal Cuff Bracelet $89. Tap The Pic To Order


Or if you’re built more delicate and need a simpler option. Check these out.

Spring Summer 2021 Jewelry Trends - Cuff Bracelets

Anthropologie – Sibilia Lucero Cuff Bracelet $148. Tap The Pic For More Info.

Banana Republic also has some classic metal options. You can see them here.

Artistic Asymmetry:

You have a couple of options here…

You can either mix and match your own earrings to create an asymmetrical pair or purchase ones already done for you.

Style Hack – If you decide to go the DIY route, keep in mind they need to have something or nothing in common with each other.

For example:

The same metal

A similar stone

Or a common weight.

This usually isn’t too tough since we’re attracted to similar accessories over and over again. And likely already own items that’ll work together.

Or if you go the ‘nothing in common’ route – choose a stud and pair it with a giant chandelier.

If that sounds like too much work and you want to pick a pair put together for you, here are two fun options.

Spring Summer 2021 Jewelry Trend - Asymmetrical Earrings

Anthropologie – Acantha Drop Earrings
$258. Also Available In Shades of Green. Tap The Pic For More Details.

I love the bold subtly (oxymoron? Jumbo shrimp.) of these. They’re clearly different, but not so much that if you’re just dipping your toe into the trend, you’ll feel they’re shrieking, ‘Notice me, I’m different.’

Or, if you’re a fearless accessorizer, take a look at these beauties. They’re brilliant for drawing attention to your swan-like neck.

Spring Summer 2021 Jewelry Trends - Asymmetrical Earrings

Justine Clenquet – Silver & Grey Jess Earrings
$110. Tap The Pic To Order.

Want more tips on using accessories to accentuate your favorite feature? Then check out this awesome article, How To Accessorize Every Outfit In Your Closet.

Chunky Chain-Link:

Spring Summer 2021 Jewelry Trends - Chain Link

Monies – Gold Chain Necklace $961. Tap The Pic For More Details.

If you’re not familiar with Monies, I actually wrote a whole article about them last Spring. If you’re one of those curious girls, you can check it out here.

Alexander McQueen Women's Chain Charm Bracelet in Antique Gold

Alexander McQueen – Chain Charm Bracelet
$620. Tap The Pic For More Info.

Chain link has been popular for a few seasons, yet every season it gets bigger and bigger. Perfect for the daring woman who wants to pop on one accessory and call it done.

One caveat – if you’re petite or have a delicate frame, this can easily overwhelm your frame.

You have a couple of choices, go with a less-dramatic version like the two below or wait for the next trend which will be sheer perfection on you.

Spring Summer Jewelry Trend - Chain Link

Banana Republic
Bold Link Necklace – Silver Only $54. Tap The Pic To Order.

Spring Summer 2021 Jewelry Trends - Chain Link

Banana Republic – Chunky Chain Bracelet $48. Also Available In Gold. Tap The Pic For More Info.

Long Layers:

Spring Summer 2021 Jewelry Trends - Long Necklaces

Monroe Long Necklace
$170. Tap The Pic For All The Info.

Here you go, delicate ladies. This trend is perfect for you. Long necklaces also give the illusion of height to Petites.

If you’re petite and want more tips for dressing your size check out Attention Short Girls! These 13 Style Tips Are For You!

Here again, you have a couple of options. If your necklace assortment is already vast, pick up a multi-strand clasp and create your own look.

Bauble Bar – Multi-Strand Clasp $18. Tap The Pic To Order.

Bauble Bar is back ordered on the gold version, but Amazon has a $12 one. You can check it out here.

Or you can buy long layered necklaces already done for you. Here are a couple of my favorites.

Spring Summer 2021 Jewelry Trend - Long Necklaces

Nordstrom – Figaro Chain Necklace $78. Tap The Pic To Order.

Style Hack – For busty babes, pick a pendant with some weight. (Like the one below.) This’ll help stop the necklace from swinging around and getting caught on your boob all wonk-a-doodle.

Spring Summer 2021 Jewelry Trends - Long Necklaces

Ettika – Gold Layered Pendant $80. Tap The Pic To Order.

Put A Bow On It:

That’s a wrap sunshine, five fun jewelry trends for Spring Summer 2021.

  • Bold Pearls
  • Flowers
  • Long Necklaces
  • Chains
  • Arm Cuffs

Which trend are you most excited to try? Or which trend are you super happy is hanging around for another season?

Pop a comment below, and we’ll get the conversation started.

‘Til next week.

Hugs and happy shopping.

Our Style Addiction - Angela

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