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The Most Popular Sunglass Styles For SS’20

May 31, 2020

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Sunglasses can be an awesome signature accessory – ala John Lennon, Anna Wintour, Jackie O., Tom Cruise, and his Top Gun aviators, Bono and his more recent colored shield habit. 

With summer right around the corner, I thought it would be a perfect time to chat about the top 2020 trends. And boy! There are a ton of charming choices.

There’s also a brief snippet at the bottom if you want some suggestions on which will look best on your face shape.

Okay, enough chitter-chatter, let’s jump in…

Trend #1 – Round Frames

Miu Miu Round Sunglasses New For 2020
Miu Miu Pink Glitter Sunglasses $359. Tap The Picture For More Info.

While round frames have been popular the last couple seasons, the myriad of embellishments (glitter, jewels, and wires) giving them a bold twist this season.

Whether you like frames as big as your head or small like Lennon, there are tons to choose from.

Just a reminder, if you like one of the styles shown, give it a ‘heart’ to receive an alert when it goes on sale.

Trend #2 – Geometric = Octagonal, Square, And A Few Triangles

Valentino Geometric Sunglasses New For 2020
Valentino Geometric Sunglasses – $430 Also Available in Lt Gold/Green

Square frames aren’t new. But if you own a pair and love them, feel secure that they’re still super-duper on-point.

Triangles this year are small and super edgy. If that fits your vibe, you’ll find plenty of sassy options.

I was on the fence about Octagonal frames until I actually tried them on. Then, I fell in love and think you will too. The octagonal shape is playful & fresh and incredibly wearer friendly.

Chloe knocked it out of the baseball park this season. Since I couldn’t show all the fabulous styles here is a link to more of their designs.

Trend #3 – Shield

Fendi Shield Sunglasses New For 2020
Fendi Shield Sunglasses – $520
Also Available in brown, rainbow, and grey

While we typically think about this style for chicks who actually like doing stuff outdoors or are hoping to hitch a ride on SpaceX, fashionable girls everywhere are adopting the style.

And you can see why. They are super lightweight because of the total or partial lack of frame – meaning none of those annoying make-up dents on your nose or red marks that come with big heavy frames. Another plus… If your cheeks are fuller you’ll love them for the lack of blush & highlighter rub-off.

Anna Winter Fashion Quote

Trend #4 – Flat Top

Celine Flat Top Aviators - $460
Celine Flat Top Aviators – $460. Tap The Picture For More Details.

These come in gobs of different shapes, but the one thing they all have in common is that the top frame is flat. Some designers take this more extreme than others. If this style excites you, you’ll want to play around with how severely straight to go. If you have a smaller forehead, you’ll likely want to avoid them inching up too high. Landing right at your brow-line will be more flattering.

On the flip-side, if you have a lovely, spacious forehead – go big!

Trend #5 – Cat-Eye

Chloe Cat Eye Sunglasses For 2020

Oh, how I adore this retro vibe. And Gadzooks! There a ton of sweet styles and bright colors available this season. From super dramatic to more subtle.

Tom Ford did an amazing job with his cat-eye selection this season. I couldn’t feature them all, so here’s a link to his page if you want to check them out.

Extra Credit Trend:

Lighter colored frames are super popular this season. So, if your usual go-to is tortoise or black, try something different like white or one of the multitudes of pastel colors.

Best Face Shapes:

There are no rules in fashion beyond what you like and what makes you feel confident. However, some frames will more easily flatter your face.

Not to say if you have a square face and love geometric you won’t be able to find ones that look awesome. It’ll just require more trying-on and a tad longer search.

Square – Lucky girl! Your cheekbones and jawline could cut butter. Frames with round curves will look delicious on you. Think round-round-round, anything curvy, and cat eyes.

Round – Yep! You guessed it. Just the opposite of our square-faced friends above. Frames with sharper edges will add contour to your cheeks. Take geometric and flat top frames for a test drive and feel the love.

Oval – You’ve got it going on with your perfect face. Go crazy and try them all.

Heart-Shaped/Triangle – Don’t hide those luscious cheekbones. Pick a cat-eye that’s small enough not to bump your cheeks.

Slap A Bow On It:

That’s a wrap Sunshine!

The most popular Summer 2020 sunglasses for women:

  • Round As A Ball
  • Geometric – Square, Triangle, & Octagonal
  • Shield
  • Flat-Top
  • Beloved Cat-Eyes

Have a blast finding your perfect sunglasses and if you have a moment, leave a quick comment and let me know what you decide.

‘Til Next Week.

Hugs & Happy Shopping.

Our Style Addiction - Angela

P.S. What? You missed last week’s post about What Styles Look Best On Your Body Shape? Never fear. Click here and you’ll be all caught up.

P.P.S. Swing by later in the week when we’re going to dive deep into the best Shift Dresses For June.

The Most Popular Women's Sunglasses 2020

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