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What Styles Look Best On My Body Shape?

May 26, 2020

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I'm Angela!

Welcome! I'm so glad you stopped by. Make sure to check back every Friday for a new style tip. Our goal is to help you go from, I have nothing to wear to having a closet packed with items you love that fit and flatter.

One question I get all the time is, ‘What styles look best on my body shape?’
And while I could write a book ala War & Peace on the topic, you don’t have time for that. So, I gathered a career look, a weekend wear suggestion, a must-have accessory, and threw in some pictures ‘cause they’re worth a bazillion words.

But first, a couple things we’re not gonna’ talk about…

  • There will be no fruit cocktails. Not one mention of apples, oranges, pears, or bananas. We don’t need to compare each other to fruit unless it’s something along the lines of, Wow! She’s a hot tamale. And then, have at it.
  • Second, there will be no geometry. No triangles, rectangles, hypotenuse, or whatever. I barely made it out of that class and have zero desire to revisit any of that nonsense.

Instead we’re going to focus on all things positive – what we love about our shape and what we can do to accentuate the ever-lovin’ heck out of it. Sound good? Good!


One quick point before you scroll down and search for your favorite feature.

Volume typically refers to two things.

The first is the actual style. For example – wads of ruffles on a skirt.

The second is the actual material itself. For example – a bulky cozy fisherman’s sweater versus a thin J. Crew-Esque cardigan.

A good rule of thumb is to avoid volume in areas you want to accentuate.

Another something something to keep in mind is we generally want to avoid volume on both top and bottom. You’re typically best to pair a blousy blouse with a slim skirt. Or a prairie skirt with a sweet tank.

Leave it to Betsey Johnson to sum it up in a sentence.

Betsey Johnson Quote

First Up – Skinny Little Waist

As if you need advice on shape – You, my dear, have it all going on.

  • Career Choice – Sheath or princess dresses. Peplum tops and circle skirts.
  • Weekend Wear – Anything high-waisted
  • Accessories – Belts – big, thin, doesn’t matter. Embellished? Even better. Think of it as a spotlight shining on your itty-bitty waist
  • Please! No blousy blouses. The volume will hide your drool-worthy shape.

Second – Bootie In The Back

If I wasn’t so jealous I’d be jealous.

  • Career Choice – Any and all pants, however, wide-leg pants are classy and brilliant for the office. They also provide balance while showing off your curves. Paired with a blousy blouse (that stops at the waist) is such a sophisticated look.
  • Pair with a sassy jacket that ends at the waist or the top of your hips at the longest.
  • Weekend Wear – Anything with or that you can add a low-slung belt to – think resting on your hipbones – is perfect.
  • Accessories – Cocktail rings as big as a car emblem are perfection. Gobs and gobs of bracelets are second best. And if you’re feeling super adventurous, try a little handbag like the one below.

Yes! Count Me In.

Third – Collar Bones To Die For

Girl, you remind me of a ballerina all delicate and graceful.

  • Career Choice – Thin blouses with a v-neck or scoop neck or a wide boat neck will show off neck and decollete.
  • Pick a thin cardigan versus a thick blazer if possible
  • Weekend Wear – Halter tops are brilliant & spaghetti strap maxi dresses are a traffic stopper.
  • Extra credit if you can pull off that casual, Oh my gosh! This charming boat neck blouse just slipped off my fragile fairy-like shoulder
  • Accessories – Bold necklaces and dangling earrings are a must for every day. Here is a link to a couple of my jewelry articles, Statement Jewelry and Not Your Great Aunt’s Pearls.
  • If you have long hair – pull half or all of it back away from your neck

Fourth – Boob-A-Licious

Three words – Wraps for Days. If your closet isn’t jam-packed with wrap dresses and wrap tees and wrap sweaters I’m going to cry.

  • Career Choice – Pair something like the yellow dress below with a pretty contrasting cami for those times when you want to avoid showing off too much cleavage. Or my favorite – Hollywood Fashion Tape. This will stop you from having to fiddle all day to make sure you stay covered.
  • Thin sweaters and fitted turtlenecks
  • Weekend Wear – A sweet little v-neck dress or v-neck t-shirt
  • Accessories – A short scarf wrapped French girl style (around your neck) is beyond sophisticated. Any necklaces that hit one-two inches above your neckline.

Fifth – Some 90’s Rock Band Wrote A Song About Your Legs

  • Career Choices – It probably goes without saying you shouldn’t own a skirt long enough to hit your knees.
  • I know in some work environments short skirts can be a sketchy subject. Tights to the rescue. Experiment with bright bold colors and patterns to draw tasteful attention to your best asset.
  • Weekend Wear – Skinny jeans or a sassy and short A-line dress.
  • Accessories – Heels are a must. Need suggestions on how to find Comfortable Shoes? You’ll want to read this article.

But What About All The Other Clothes In My Closet?

I can hear your mind chatter now. Does this mean I can’t wear anything else? Does This mean you want me to get rid of everything that doesn’t fall into the ideal category? But… But… But…

No. No. And of course not.

The best example is from a real-life client…

Marianne has a rockin’ backside.

Slim fitted skirts look unbelievably amazing on her.

She also loves wearing flirty circle skirts.

Tailored skirts make the most of her bootie, while circle skirts add volume and take attention away from what we both agree is one of her most amazing body features.

Diverting attention is not always a bad thing.

A circle skirt is the perfect choice when she goes to church or meets her new boyfriend’s uptight mom for the first time or goes on a job interview where she doesn’t want her clothes to distract from her message.

Marianne is intentional about her choices and always feels confident no matter what social situation she finds herself.

Want more info on body shapes? You’re in luck. We dive deeper into the topic and many more during our Style Mastery Workshop. Click here if you want me to pop you on a note when registration for the next session opens up.

Let’s Put A Bow On It Sunshine:

A quick recap on picking the best styles for your body shape.

#1 – Pick your favorite feature

#2 – Accentuate that lucky area by avoiding volume and using lovely accessories to further highlight.

Easy peasy, right!

‘Til Next Week.

Hugs & Happy Shopping.

Our Style Addiction - Angela

P.S. Did you miss the How To Look Pulled Together Fast article? No worries! We’ve got you covered.

P.P.S. Make sure to swing by later in the week when we’re going to chat about the cool sunglasses you need before Summer arrives.

What Styles Look Best On My Body Shape?

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