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How To Look Put Together and Polished Fast

May 24, 2020

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The single most asked question/comment/complaint I get is, ‘I have 5 minutes in the morning. What can I do to look put-together?’

Well, I’m excited to say, it is very possible. And honestly, so much easier than you think.

These 7 tips will change your mornings forever.

#1 – Don’t Wait Until Morning

Remember when you were little – too little to dress yourself – and your mom would lay out your school clothes on the top of your dresser next to your Hello Kitty Lamp?

There was a reason. Yep, she was super smart.

She also knew she’d have 5 minutes to get both you and her ready the next morning and she wanted to be prepared.

Now, you don’t have to put them on the dresser. Or search for your long-abandoned Hello Kitty lamp.

But a good practice is to hang a couple of options in the front of the closet.

I know. I know. You think you’ll remember what you had in mind the next morning. But when your boss is calling and your employees are blowing up your phone with text messages, and your husband’s hair is on fire about something, that quick option will slip your mind. And we’ll be left in our bra and panties rifling through a hundred hangers.

#2 – One Piece

Eileen Fisher Shift Dress

Eileen Fisher Shift Dress $349. Tap The Picture For More Details.

Make sure to have plenty of one-piece options – dresses or even jumpsuits.

Why waste time trying to mix & match tops and bottoms only to realize you spilled salsa on your blouse the last time you wore it and have to start all over?

#3 – Comfort

Pick something comfortable. Nothing is more frustrating (except when the Starbuck’s drive-through line is wrapped around the building and onto the street) than fiddling with your clothes all day.

I would even go a step further and say if it doesn’t fit or isn’t comfortable it doesn’t deserve real estate in your closet to begin with. Get rid of it.

But if you’re attached, I get it. Let’s just make a pact to avoid it on mornings when there’s an accident on I-95 and you’re scrambling to make a meeting.

#4 – Make-Up

Nars Lipstick Set - Step 4 of How To Look Put Together Fast
Nar’s Lipstick Set – $79. Tap The Picture For More Details.

There are three things we need to feel confident. Tinted moisturizer, mascara, and a bright lipstick.

I timed it and in a pinch I can slap those three items on in 90 seconds. Will we feel like Glamour Girls ready to film a make-up tutorial? No. But our skin will look even and be protected from the sun, we’ll actually look like we have eyelashes, and a bright lip hides a multitude of sins.

If you’re feeling adventurous and can spare a full two minutes, sweep on a little bronzer and you are golden. (See what happened there? Hehe.)

#5 – An Awesome Go-To Jacket

Step 5 of How To Look Put Together Fast
Tweed Jacket $178. Sizes Are Super Limited, But If You Want To See What’s Still Available – Tap The Picture.

A great jacket can pull any look together in a nano-second and make everything else you wear look super intentional.

For a more conservative office play around with a tweed blazer.

For a more creative office, an army jacket is a terrific choice. Be all you can be, right?

Or my personal favorite a moto jacket. If you’re a fan too, check out this post for more edgy options.

#6 – Statement Earrings or Necklace

Step 6 of How To Look Put Together Fast
Fruta Pink Firecracker Earrings $67. They Are Handmade & Usually Take 10-12 Days To Ship. Tap The Picture For More Info.

Something big, bold, and sparkling will pull your look together almost as quick as your awesome jacket.

There are a couple of my new favorites below, or for more inspiration you can check out this Statement Jewelry article and this Pearl post.

#7 – Power Heels

Step 7 of How To Look Put Together Fast
Chinese Laundry Platform Sandals $70. They Also Come In Black & White Tweed, But This Print Is So Much Fun I Had To Share. Tap The Picture For All The Options.

Have a couple default pairs in bright colors in the highest heel you can comfortably walk in. They will have you strutting around like a bad-ass and others will think you spent hours getting prepped for the day.

Need tips to find the perfect heels? Check out the How To Choose Comfortable Heels article here.

And That’s A Wrap Sunshine:

Seven tips to look pulled together and polished fast in the morning;

  • Do Some Minimal Prep The Night Before
  • Have Plenty of One-Piece Options in Your Closet – Dresses or Jumpsuits
  • Comfort, Comfort, Comfort
  • 90 Second Make-Up Routine
  • An Awesome Go-To Jacket
  • Statement Jewelry
  • Power Heels

Do you have other tips that help you get out the door quick and looking great?

Share below and we’ll add them to our arsenal.

‘Til Next Week.

Hugs & Happy Shopping.

Our Style Addiction - Angela

P.S. Did you miss last week’s Spring Sandals For All Your  Casual Dresses article? No worries. Tap this link and you’ll be all caught up.

P.P.S Make sure to swing by later in the week when we’re going to chat about finding The Perfect Styles For Your Body Shape.

How To Look Put Together And Polished

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