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10 Charming Floral Dresses – Perfect For Work

June 9, 2020

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Floral dresses are charming & cheerful and these 10 are perfect for work this summer.

You likely got all excited at ‘cheerful’, but if not there are two other reasons to fall in love with these flattering frocks.

If you caught the How To Dress Slimmer article from earlier this year, you might remember we talked about prints and how they effortlessly make us look slimmer. And big patterns… even better.

The second flattering feature of these dresses is the lightness of the fabric. There is absolutely no fear of added bulk in unwanted places.

If you read the Best Styles for Your Body Shape and know your best shape, feel free to jump right to your favorite.

Okay, enough chitter-chatter – let’s get to the fun stuff.

A-Line Summer Work Dresses:

Aqua A-Line Summer Work Dress
Aqua Floral Ruffled Dress $47. Tap The Picture For More Details.

Best Body – For those of you who love your legs, this is an awesome style! Because of the flowy-ness of the shape – you can get by with it being on the shorter side while still looking super professional.

Marimekko Summer 2020 A-Line Work Dress
Marimekko Pink & Yellow A-Line Dress $340. Tap The Picture For More Info.

If you’ve already snagged your Style Guide, you probably remember us talking about A-line dresses and that super dramatic (read wide A-line with lots of material) are best reserved for those lucky ladies with some height. The below Marimekko Poppy Dress falls into that category.

Marimekko Poppy A-Line Dress Perfect For Work
Marimekko Poppy Floral A-Line Dress $280. Tap The Picture For More Info.

Yes! Count Me In.

Slip Dresses For Work This Summer:

Equipment Slip Dress For Summer
Equipment Slip Dress $188. Tap The Picture For More Info.

Best Body – Slips look amazing on all who are more equally proportioned top and bottom.

A couple things to keep in mind… pick your size knowing the material rarely if ever has any stretch.

Second – Think twice before buying one without adjustable straps. Otherwise, we run the risk of the neckline, the waist, etc. not hitting in the perfect place.

Why You’ll Be A Fan:

Slip dresses are the ultimate day to night style.

For Day: Depending on your office vibe – throw on a denim or moto jacket. Or add a tee underneath. There’s also the bodysuit (some cute ones here) option, which I love because we avoid the bulk that happens when our t-shirt rides up.

Ready for Happy Hour? Toss aside the jacket or tee or both.

The accessory options are endless! Try a sweet and sour vibe and pair with combat boots and your ensemble will shout that this chick has great style.

Talulah Rile Fashion Quote


Empire Dress Perfect For Work This Summer
Ghost Empire Waist Dress – $136. Tap The Picture For More Info.

Best Body – If you have those fragile ballerina collar bones this fresh frock is perfect for you.

Awesome Accessories – The Sweetheart neckline begs for delicate layered necklaces.

Shirt Dresses For Work:

Alice + Olivia Summer Shirt Dress
Alice + Olivia Shirt Dress $371. You Know The Drill – Tap The Pic For More Info.

Best Body – This can go one of two ways – if you have a tiny little waist = belt it.

If you don’t like to show off your shape at work = let it hang. That versatility is why Shirt dresses are oh-so-perfect for the office environment.

What I love about these two is the long sleeves and conservative neckline are balanced out with a shorter length avoiding the frumpy factor.

Your accessory opportunity lies in the earrings. Big sparkling chandeliers, huge hoops, or daring dangles will all look amazing!

Can’t you just picture the Alice + Olivia frock with a funky pair of cowboy boots? Adorable!

For the Trina Turk sweetie below, use the tie belt or replace with a bigger, bolder choice to add shape and definition.

Trina Turk Summer Shirt Dress Perfect For Work
Trina Turk Shirt Dress $371. Tap Away If You Have To Know More.

Wrap Dresses:

Na-kd Faux Wrap Work Dress For Summer
Na-kd Faux Wrap Dress $43. Tap The Picture For More Info.

Did you see the price of this one??? Bonkers!

Best Body – Wrap dresses are so flattering are nearly every shape, but especially if your bust is your favorite feature.

This one is a faux wrap that completely alleviates the fly open factor on breezy days. If you’re still concerned, Hollywood Fashion Tape or a colorful cami (you can find some cute ones here) will be your best buds.

Shift Dresses For Work:

Marimekko Shift Dress Perfect For Work
Marmikko Shift Dress $204. Tap The Picture For More Details.

Best Body – To lay the prettiest, Shift dresses work best on women who are evenly proportioned top and bottom.

I’m obsessed with the retro feel of this one. And how could we be anything but happy when sporting this cheerful number?

An Awesome Accessory Choice – Gobs and gobs of chunky bracelets would be clever. And if you want to keep it groovy add a pair of short white boots.

J. Crew Floral Shift Dress Summer 2020

The colors of this one are so muted, a pair of turquoise or fuchsia heels will add a brilliant bright pop of color.

Sheath Dresses:

J. Crew Floral Sheath Dress Perfect For Work This Summer
J. Crew Floral Sheath Dress $178. Tap The Pic For More Details.

This is a sheath in the loosest possible way. Yes, it cuts in at the waist, but this has so much volume, it lacks the figure-hugging characteristics we’re used to seeing in most sheath dresses.

Having said that, I own two very similar dresses and adore this style. It offers all the comfort of an A-line dress while giving your shape a bit of definition.

And That’s A Wrap Sunshine:

10 of The Prettiest Floral Work Dresses for Summer 2020.

Have fun and enjoy being the cheerful pop of color at the office (or on your next Zoom Meeting).

‘Til next week.

Hugs & Happy Shopping.

Our Style Addiction - Angela

P.S. Did you miss last week’s post about Sunglasses For Summer? No worries! You can check it out here!


The 10 Prettiest Floral Work Dresses For This Summer

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